Welcome to the Full Cold Moon! Today’s full moon will reach peak illumination at 10:09 PM CST. This December full moon with appear high in the sky for longer than most full moons due to its high trajectory. The name Cold Moon accurately conveys the typical frigid conditions that arrive during this time of year.

This last full moon of 2022 is arriving in the sign of Gemini and it will be heating things up! Prepare to feel all the feels! This one is going to be a tricky one, potentially with anger or frustration making a debut. There is a tremendous amount that may be coming up for everyone right now, lots of inner work ready to be done if we are up for the challenge. Start by observing and honoring all the feelings that are surfacing. Much of it may be uncomfortable and the instinct may be to just ignore it, eat it away, drink it away, have an outburst and sweep it under the rug. Try your very best to just observe right now and not be triggered. This will take deliberate action. Slow your mind, invite in calm, and really observe what is coming up for you and why. Then think about how to address it.

Mars is retrograde right now, so be aware that this may bring fiery feelings to the surface. It may be hard to keep our emotions balanced, and anger and other heated emotions may be released. Sometimes these energies bubble up to the surface and we need to get them off our chest. This may be a time when previously repressed emotions may suddenly demand to be expressed. Are you frustrated with your job? Is your significant other not pulling their weight or being a little selfish? Are you hitting your limit with a toxic friendship? Do you feel like your needs are not being addressed? Well, believe it or not, anger may serve a positive purpose. It shows us what is not working for us. Acknowledge it, decide to set boundaries, and consciously assert yourself in a healthy way. They key here is to not fly off the handle and get ridiculous. Thoughtfully and calmly express what is coming up in a way that people can be responsive to, without automatically getting angry back and shutting you down.

Remember to be thoughtful right now in how you express yourself. Your needs, thoughts, and feelings are important and need to be expressed in a clear and fair way. This leads to the beautiful evolution and growth of our soul in relationships. Leveling up is so necessary. Remember we are imperfect humans. Have grace with that. It is not only okay, but it is expected to make mistakes, to not always know the right way to handle things. We are always learning.

This full moon take to heart that we are all on a learning journey. Allow yourself to take a look at what might be frustrating you and deal with it in a healthy conscious way. Let go of what is no longer serving you and embrace the things that align with your path of who you want to be.

You’ve got this! Stay calm and carry on!

Marci Lingelbach is a cancer survivor, co-founder of the New Earth Almanac and a Crystal Reiki Master in Franklin, Tennessee. You can find her at reikibymarci.com and on Instagram and Facebook @reikibymarci.