Happy Full Cold Moon! This month, the full moon is a “micro moon” which is the opposite of a super moon. Meaning that this full moon is at its farthest point from the Earth instead of the closest. December’s full moon is known as the Cold Moon because of the very cold winter temperatures. It has also been called the Long Night Moon because it rises near the longest night of the year, aka Winter Solstice on December 21.

Under the Full Cold Moon we're feeling cozy weekend vibes here at the Almanac! Join us and settle in for some Sunday reading, listening or writing and let our shared vision to "Keep Her Lit" brighten your winter's day!

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Pine Needle Immune Booster Tincture
Illuminating and inspiring co-creators of the New Earth
Soul Animal Wisdom: Simone Biles
US Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has been in the news recently, but for a surprising reason—controversy over her decision to honor her body and intuition and as a result, withdrawing from a majority of her gymnastic events. In Tokyo, Simone found herself at a crossroads and her situation is
Fall Tarot Connective for the New Earth Collective
My readings offer connection with the energy of revolutionary self-empowerment at one’s core. In my interpretations, I tap into a combination of my own visionary knowing, connection to ancestral energy, and an internalization and understanding of tarot as radical, soul-centered, movement work. My i…
December Editor’s Letter
Dear New Earthlings, Welcome to December and the Season of Solstice! In our pages this month, you’re invited to celebrate with us--as we explore everything that we’ve been blessed with from gifts to light, we walk together through this powerful portal and transformational time. The darkest day of
The Greatest Gifts: Wisdom, Love and Healing
Gifts can take many forms. For those co-creating the New Earth, nothing is more needed than to be informed, inspired, nurtured and supported while assisting to carry the Light during these difficult times. To support yourself and your tribe, here’s a list of great gift sources for books, literature,
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November Playlist
Illuminating and inspiring co-creators of the New Earth
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