Continuing with the Almanac's series on the planetary energies and the days of the week, here is the wisdom for Friday.

Friday: Day of Venus

Venus is the only planet named after a female goddess and so her energies are extremely feminine and receptive in nature. The Romans equated Venus with pleasure, beauty, sex, and love. Venus energies take us into relaxation, sensuality, and the harmony of love and romantic relationships. You can think of Venus as a beautiful lover, artist, muse, poet, or empress enjoying the finer things. Venus is concerned with how you give love, how you receive love, what things give you pleasure, and what you find beautiful. To work with Venus energies is to work with attractive, magnetic forces and to become gracious at receiving.

To embody Venus is to enjoy high art and fashion, and to notice something beautiful in every room you step into and to see the beauty in every person you interact with. To embody Venus is to relish music, dessert, wine, delicious food, beautiful environments, and luxury. You might even create these things yourself, since Venus brings out a person’s artistic abilities and preferences. Whereas Moon energy would have us immersing ourselves in a song and feeling it, Venus energy would have us creating our own playlists from the song while drinking wine or eating chocolate. Venus energies give sophistication and elegance to everything they touch. In the tarot, Venus rules the Empress who is related to abundance.

Friday is a great day to:

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