If you think shouting out, “fighting against” all of the allowed, engineered imbalances in our system Is Freedom, then you’ve missed the point.

Humanity is being triggered, cajoled, prodded and pushed into unnatural circumstances that push the people back against walls made from those doing the pushing.

If you still think “standing up for,” “standing against”, “standing up to” anything that is wrong in this world is actually helping, then they’ve got you Exactly where they want you. Distracted, oblivious to their true nature and intent and unable to actually “see” what they’re doing while you’re all caught up in your “warrior” antics and posturings.

Rightful heart, you have indeed but it’s misguided right now. Hundreds and thousands of years of engineered darkness is brilliant—in a diabolical way. “Diabolically Brilliant” is how I term it. Heartless, soulless and cold. They don’t care. It’s that simple.

Be it known.

If you cannot yet see the attack upon humanity, not by those with different skin color, religion or standing in Life but by the “anti-human” entities who position themselves into a place of the chess master and the natural humans, as the clueless pawns…If you cannot see this yet, you are truly blind and like all in the matrix not yet freed, subject to be coerced into actions and behaviors that are not naturally human, nor naturally yours…

If you think television or the “news” is good and truthful, you are unaware, programmed and asleep. Know this. It is the “programming” of the dark/evil forces that want to truly enslave your consciousness, your soul and Light force for its own benefit. If you don’t see that, enjoy the journey they will spoon feed you. And when you truly awaken into the sheer “hellaciousness” of it all, choose again.

Take a breath—in and out and Choose again. Right now. This time with wisdom and discernment and remember the words of those who tried to awaken you. Remember them, for they are most likely (although not always) real guidance on how to proceed to level up to a higher vibrational way of being, seeing and interacting with all in Life and Creation with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Honor, Truth and Wholeness.

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