The four directions are a powerful part of the medicine wheel--a sacred symbol used by generations of Native Americans for centuries for ceremony, health, and healing. Each direction is believed to represent a different stage of life, an element, a season, an animal, and a sound. In this new series we’ll dive into each of the four directions to better understand them individually as well as the power of their interdependence.

Today, we'll start with the South, since it represents Summer and that’s still the season we’re in!

The South

The South is associated with fire and earth, passion, the sound of the drum, and of course--summer! Its color is red. Connected to snake and serpent energy, the South can bring to mind rattlesnakes and the sound of the rattle as a percussion instrument. Snake is known for its ability to shed its skin and regenerate, and in this sense it teaches us how to shed the stories that no longer serve us.

The South is connected to several animals: the wolf and coyote, both known for their instincts, playfulness, and intelligence; and the mouse, known for its humility. Coyote keeps us laughing and reminds us to have a sense of humor. We need coyote's jokes and mouse’s humbleness to keep us from fanning our flames so much that we become agitated and overly serious.

The South corresponds to the energy of youth or teenage years--the stage of life when life feels fun and we feel most vibrant and full of energy. Our faith and optimism are strong, stirring up passion and excitement. During the summer we get really busy and our lives are full of socializing. We dive into passion projects, enjoy deeper trust with others, and grow a lot through our relationships.

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