“Follow the energy and let the light guide the way!” is my new mantra.

I received it a week ago from Sara Landon’s new book, The Dream, the Journey, Eternity, and God. I consider Sara a newer version of Esther “Abraham” Hicks. Sara has her own style of delivery and explains things like the law of attraction in a higher consciousness kind of way. Her book consists of Mike Dooley asking the big questions of life to Sara’s guides. I like the audiobook version because I rarely make the time to sit down and read anymore. I can listen to audiobooks when I vacuum, do the wash, drive, walk, exercise, etc. It’s a great way to expand my base of knowledge and to learn more about the awakening that is picking up speed.

So what does "follow the energy" mean and how do you do it?

One of Sara’s themes is that consciousness moves energy into form. What you think about is what you form, i.e., create for yourself. When you remain conscious of your thoughts,

“the energy will always guide you to everything you need, to the people you need, to the resources you need, and to the experiences you need.”

When she talks about energy, she means that subtle communication within you that guides by means of inspiration, intuition, instinct, feeling, sensitivity, etc.—if you are receptive enough to tap into it. There’s a simple technique that can help you get the things that must be done with more joy in the doing of them.

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