Flowers can be “Soul Animals” too! The further I travel on my journey into Soul Reading, I’ve gotten to experience the incredible array of “Soul Animal” types—and  just like our planet, they range from fauna to flora! Flowers, especially, represent Souls who have truly come here to “bloom”. Flowers are expressions of the divine blueprint, and are the purest representation of the “Algorithms of Origin.” The Fibonacci sequence is frequently illustrated in nature by the way flowers radiate out from a central axis (“access”) point. In addition, Soul Signs from the plant kingdom often represent the legends of great and powerful prehistoric people on Earth—such as kings and queens, shamans, healers and influencers—who “disappeared” into the wilderness, camouflaged by nature, until the right time for their return!

As Katie pointed out in her article yesterday, Flower energies are very subtle and vibrationally, extremely gentle. So are those who carry Flower Soul Wisdom—there is a tenderness, vulnerability and inherently feminine quality to those who carry Flowers in their Soul Couplet. Of those who I have read, here are a few Flower Soul Types that stand out as well as their respective medicines calling to the Collective at this time:

Hydrangea: Hydrangea Flower Souls are the Chameleons of the Flower world. Known for their ease in changing color depending on their soil constituents, Hydrangeas are shape-shifters and shamans hidden in the plant kingdom. Hydrangea embodies the teaching of “grow where you are planted” through its lessons of adaptation. Hydrangea Souls can lead lives of great change or challenges in which their very existence, livelihoods or health were threatened in some way. But by having the courage to “bloom anyway” these experiences turn them into great Healers. Hydrangea types may need to address people-pleasing as a tendency, as their adroitness in shifting to fit external circumstances can become overly reflexive and automatic if they’re not careful to monitor and honor their own internal system’s needs.

If their trustworthiness has been proven (all shapeshifters can be, well… shape-shifty), they can also use this gift to their extreme advantage, finding great success in the field of politics and influencers especially in the role of advocating for the New Earth. If you know a Hydrangea, encourage them to step out and run for office! Most of the time it will be no surprise to find out that these personality types are Hydrangea, as their natural leadership combined with healing abilities and undeniable likability stands out, just like their attractive, multi-colored blooms.

Medicine: Hydrangea teaches us to embrace our current circumstances and learn flexibility instead. This means turning our desire for change inward vs. leaning into victimhood or expecting external situations to change for us. We become stronger, more vibrant, more respected, admired and desired as a result of doing so. Hydrangea demonstrates that on the other side of transforming via our own internal alchemy, the final goal is to inspire synthesis and mastery in others so all together we may fulfill humanity’s destiny of Ascension.

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