By Katie Hess

Different frequencies and forms of invisible energy in our environment can be either nourishing or exhausting. Technology is amazing, allowing us to share information and truth, leading to better education, awareness and empowerment of people. However, the frequencies of computers, cell phones, wifi networks and all of our gadgets tax the body over time. The subtle frequencies of plants and flowers, on the other hand, can be used to bring natural vitality back to the body.

Like cell phones, plants and flowers possess communicative energy that is also invisible to the naked eye, but this energy is of a different quality. It is much more subtle, gentle and compatible with the human body and mind. This life force or energy also contains information and messages in a form that is effortlessly transmitted to and perceived by our bodies and minds. Imagine a huge, ruffly peony in front of your face right now. The feeling that it transmits to you is totally different than if it were a daisy. A sunflower affects you differently - and carries with it a different message - than a rose. Intuitively and instinctively, we know this - and may be surprised to realize it has nothing to do with scent. We've known this since childhood, without having necessarily articulated it before. The wisdom of our bodies and minds is designed to process, understand and benefit from the unique qualities of flowers, trees and plants. Even if we're not fully conscious of it, we are processing the energy, vitality and messages of flowers and plants around us all the time, whenever we are in their presence.

At a time when culturally we are more distracted, fatigued and stressed than ever, flower elixirs help us feel calmer, happier and more balanced. With regular use, they help us access our full potential—free of modern day static. Taken consistently over time, flower elixirs dissolve self-limiting patterns and accelerate personal growth.

In simpler terms, a flower elixir is a liquid infusion of a fresh flower, so gentle you can drink it. This infusion is so packed with the 'chi' of the flower, that when consumed or applied topically, the energy travels throughout the acupuncture meridians of the body, resulting in specific shifts in state of mind, as well as enhanced vitality, radiance and youthfulness.

What's the best way to find out which flower elixirs will be most effective for us? As with anything, the best method of evaluation is through personal experience. Flower elixirs are extremely gentle, and so safe they can even be taken during pregnancy. There are no side effects nor interactions with medications or herbs. Similar to homeopathy, they are so dilute that even people with allergies to flowers can use them safely.

The best part? Flowers are in abundance all around us! Mother Nature has the solution for just about any problem we could dream up. Flower elixirs are one of the most sustainable forms of natural remedies, requiring the harvesting of only a small number of flowers.

Here are a few examples of flower elixirs and their curative properties:

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