1.) Where did the idea for the New Earth Almanac come from and how did it get started?

In 2019 Kirem Marnett started writing the Empath Almanac, a collection of healing stories, best practices and information shared with the clients and students of her acupuncture and healing arts practice, Peach & Crane Energy Medicine, which was based in Franklin, TN. Concurrently, Kirem along with Marci Lingelbach and several others (who are now also regular contributors to New Earth Almanac) produced a live event called the Lightwork Awards, celebrating those who serve their community and the Earth with compassion and kindness. The awards show and gala took place in Nashville on February 23, 2020 (watch the whole thing on YouTube!). When the pandemic hit shortly after (which also precipitated the closing of Kirem’s office) Kirem and Marci knew there was a need to keep both the celebration of and support for the healing arts community alive—but how to do it when there were so many challenges to offering live in-person events for the unknown future?

The two met and decided it was time to explore placing the creative energy and momentum from the Lightwork Awards into a virtual enterprise… and the New Earth Almanac was born. The title clicked because they felt the focus needed to go beyond just empaths or Lightworkers... instead the “New Earth” became a focal point or destination that could serve to steer *all* humanity towards through the dark days of the pandemic and beyond on our awakening journey together. The concept of translating a traditionally live experience to those on lockdown, such as different speakers sharing stories in a virtual sacred circle that one could read, became the format that called most to the co-founders. The first edition of New Earth Almanac appeared on June 21, 2021).

2.) Where is New Earth Almanac based? How about the writers?

We are headquartered in Nashville, TN, a New Earth transformational city, with members of the contributor circle spread out into other states such as California, Hawaii, Missouri, Texas, Rhode Island and New Jersey, just to name a few--and even countries such as Ireland! To truly represent the New Earth however, we are always looking to feature writing from all corners of the globe! To learn more about becoming a contributor check out our guidelines.

3.) What is an Almanac? What is a Daily Devotional?

Traditionally, an almanac served as an annual reference book of calendars, weather forecasts, astronomical info, tide tables, various lists and brief articles relating to a particular field (such as farming). In the New Earth Almanac, we provide a higher consciousness take on many of the same concepts.

On the topic of weather, we share tips such as how to steer inclement weather *away* by invoking Archangel Uriel, and astrological readings tapping into the surrounding energies and psychic “weather” influencing the Collective. You’ll find astronomical information interpreted as insight on the moon phases. Instead of old-fashioned farming, read about modern-day wildcrafting, the healing power of crystals, and get to know Soul Sign Wisdom, an alternative view to understanding some of our own and the world’s most influential personalities’ and motivations better, and much more!

A daily devotional is a publication that provides a sacred reading for every day of the year. In our Daily Devotional email you’ll find daily tips, tools, inspiration and wisdom of mystics, intuitives, artists and healers to guide you on your evolutionary path to your highest self.

The New Earth Almanac merges the two into a single, first-of-its-kind spiritual journal and daily email offering. But the Almanac is more than just a publication—in our pages, we invite you to join a sacred circle! We are a co-created, collective healing experience presenting the voices of the New Earth in digital—readable, listenable and watchable—formats.

4.) What is the editorial mission of the New Earth Almanac?

The New Earth Almanac "is a daily devotional for the evolutionary soul(TM)”. We are also the first spiritual journal “welcoming home co-creators of the New Earth(TM)”. Through publishing the work of visionaries, mystics, intuitives, artists and healers from all over the globe, the Almanac gives voice to and supports the collective co-creators building the world we wish to live in.

We publish daily via email, audio and online and produce a periodical 100 page printed journal and digital edition. We cover consciousness, planetary awakening, our connection to nature, ascension and 5D, shadow work, guided visualizations, crystals, soul animal wisdom, meditations, art, poetry, book excerpts, yoga, recipes, wildcrafting, plant medicine, mantra, healing, humor, shamanism, spoken word, and so much more!

Our ON AIR offerings to date include the audio podcast, New Earth Conversations and the video series, Soul Signs & the Stars. Events produced by New Earth Media, LLC include Celtic Kirtan with Eileen Bray, The Lightwork Awards and we are exploring the concept for an upcoming outdoor festival. We also oversee the New Earth Nashville group, founded in 2019.

5.) How do you define the New Earth and how will we know we’ve attained it?

The following is an excerpt from Kirem’s cover article for the January 2022 issue, We Are the Medicine:

The New Earth isn’t some promised land. It hinges on something very simple: choice. Those of us already on board made the choice a long time ago. Maybe it was made for us in past lifetimes where the timeline of suffering played out, and we learned our lessons then. The New Earth is simply the chance before us for humanity to attain our true potential—to establish and maintain a global society in which all beings live in truth, health, freedom with the right to prosper. The only way this can take place is through a massive paradigm shift to living from the heart, not the mind. For everything that ails us, for everything that we are afraid of, we are the medicine. When we view every challenge, including pandemics, as an opportunity to serve as agents of change, we realize that the only war taking place is the one happening in our own minds. For anything we suffer from, any form of oppression or victimhood we perceive, any addiction we cannot kick, we are the medicine. The only enemy we perceive as outside of us is merely a mirror reflecting our own faults and flaws back to us.

We are the medicine.

The brave souls who make up the New Earth are those who are willing to do their own work. Gone will be the days of blaming and shaming to avoid facing the only things that matter—it’s forging the accountability required for humankind to ascend into our promised potential.

In order to pass through the portal, we each have to be in a fully integrated—not disintegrated—state. To achieve that, take responsibility for all of you. The war-fire of division playing out is designed to support or destroy our coming together, finding wholeness together, and returning “home” together. At the crux of it all is once again, choice. A fork in the road. Will you combust with the inferno? Or can you let it turn you into an alloy of those that have come before you, rising today as one of the strongest human beings to have ever walked the Earth?

Believe and know in our 3D history, the greatest shamans were the ones who could walk barefoot through the fire, and in doing so, became supernatural because they defied the old limiting beliefs. According to Chinese medical theory, the alchemical element that follows fire in the controlling cycle is metal. It is the only thing on the planet that can be alchemized by the destructive force held within the flame. How or what you perceive to be the fire in your life does not matter. Handling fire is ultimately working with personal responsibility. A single spark holds within it all the creative and destructive powers of the universe.

How we choose to wield it is up to us… and in choosing wisely we will know through the outcomes that the New Earth has arrived.