We're not sure which ancient wisdom came first, the Astrological signs of the Zodiac or Chinese Medicine, but they both have one thing right about this time of year–irritability! In April, impatient Aries scratches her hooves and simultaneously, quick-to-temper Liver Yang gets activated and begins to rise as the first spring shoots break through. It can be hard to curb feeling frustrated despite all the beauty emerging at the same time. Wondering how to cope? NEA has your back! Use the following wisdoms from our contributor circle to help with any irritability you may be feeling this season!

First, follow Michael's advice to honor your emotions--why is your irritability there in the first place? It most likely has an important message for you! Check out his outstanding SAVOR technique and follow along:

"V is to Vibrate in your Truth. Once you’ve asked and received answers, you want to vibrate in your truth. When you feel something so deeply, and possibly in a negative light, it makes it hard to shift. This is when it’s really important to sit, feel, and vibrate your truth. Emotions are a super-gift of the soul that work through our body, even the negative ones. So let’s say you have gotten to your truth, now what? Maybe the truth means now I have to speak up, maybe that situation doesn’t work for me. Or maybe I now know how to shift out of that state and I can be more in my power." – Michael Lott, "SAVOR Life's Experiences"

If you've accessed the source, now you can begin to move any stuck energy out of the body. Check out these simple Kundalini Yoga practices to harness the power of the breath:

"Practice the ancient breathwork technique known as Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes daily. Breath of Fire adjusts the aura (reducing stress and improving mood) and energizes the blood. Ego Eradicator is an easy-to-learn Kundalini Yoga Kriya that incorporates Breath of Fire. Refer to Russel Brand’s humorous video for the basics on this simple but powerful practice that you can quickly incorporate into your daily spiritual time or yoga practice." – Kirem Marnett, "Ten Tips to Spring Clean the Liver"

Continue to keep symptoms at bay through detoxing foods such as dandelion greens, which are abundantly in season this time of year and taste delicious in Lori's fantastic and easy recipe:

"The first dandelions of the spring are here! It is official when little yellow flowers begin to pop up above the jagged leaves of the "lion's tooth.” While dandelion greens are available year-round, they’re at their best in the spring because they’re less bitter. You want to choose the more tender young leaves. The young leaves have a pleasing bitterness that is offset by an earthy richness. I can find these greens as I forage on my land, but they are also available at your local farmers market. Keep your leftover dandelion flowers or flower heads and any leaves to make Dandelion Tea or make a Dandelion Tincture—the whole dandelion plant can be used—root, leaves, flower and stem! Dandelion root is for detoxification of the liver and gallbladder." – Lori Bradford Miles, "Recipe: Dandelion Greens"

Wishing you cool, calm, collected Spring days ahead!

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