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Dear New Earth Tribe,

Happy Lunar New Year! Here at the Almanac, this means it’s a special time to reflect on our past accomplishments and celebrate new beginnings. The lunar calendar, which we’ve followed since our launch, tracks the moon cycles vs. the Gregorian calendar that considers January 1st New Year’s Day and follows the planet’s movement around the sun. A full lunar year is 12 monthly cycles of the moon, which is closer to 354 days than 365. In our debut Lunar New Year issue, in addition to new pieces, we share some of our best work from 2021—offering readers who’ve joined us more recently a chance to experience wisdom you may have missed, especially from issues that were released prior to the launch of the website and daily email. We’ll share with you which articles are re-printed and why, and you can look forward to some of our contributors adding updates and additions to their own work as well as commenting on and expanding on the works of others. By aligning with the Yin aspect of the moon, we actually come closer to the Earth’s natural rhythm. In cultures like Chinese culture, which have celebrated Lunar New Year since ancient times, they consider this event as the sign of the coming of spring. In preparation for the coming time of renewal, this Lunar New Year issue also demarcates the start of Volume 2 for us as a periodical. This second volume will run through the January issue of 2023.

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The New Earth Almanac is a daily devotional for evolutionary souls that supports the collective co-creators building the world we wish to live in.

Thank you for your ongoing support and readership. We look forward to continuing to inspire the co-creators of the New Earth over the next 12 moons to come!


February Editorial Circle

Kirem Marnett, Co-Founder, Editorial Director & Producer

Marci Lingelbach, Co-Founder, Social Media Marketing Manager & Special Projects Editor / Producer

Kailee Lingelbach, Chief Copyeditor & Publishing Consultant

Geoffrey Visgilio, Editor-At-Large & Voice Over Artist

Tara Kimes, Guest Editor, Audio Almanac

Eileen Bray, Voice Over Artist

Michael Lott, Podcast Consultant

Alan Marnett, Web Site Consultant

Additional Contributors

Sonia Fernández LeBlanc

Robin Haley

Jessica Johnson

Tara Kimes

Brent Law

Lori Bradford Miles

Angela Morris

Jennnifer O'Conghalaigh

Michelle O’Connell Katz

Veronica O’Grady

Birdie Todd

Suzie Kerr Wright

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Illuminating and inspiring co-creators of the New Earth
Illuminating and inspiring co-creators of the New Earth

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The New Earth Almanac is a daily devotional for evolutionary souls that supports the collective co-creators building the world we wish to live in.