My friends and family...

A call to rise up is not a call to war.

A call to stand up is not a call to kill.

A call to justice is not to move too swiftly.

A call to freedom is to let go of our present version of “reality”

and redefine what the spirit of our ancestors and wise leaders would do.

With wisdom, instead of revenge.

With clear thinking instead of fiery thoughts.

With tools of peace instead of machines of destruction.

We tell our children to "work it out"

It is taught in the "Art of War" that to go to war

is to have already lost.

Must we?

It is taught that to forgive is not to become a doormat

Justice sometimes takes time,

especially when the perpetrators use innocent brothers and sisters

as flippantly as they blink,

and manipulate people's soul dreams, to fulfill their own nefarious agendas.

Slow down is what I say.

Chess is a game of strategy,

and when there are no rules in the way one player plays,

the other must default to rules of cunning as well as integrity

BOTH in balance.

Knowing the enemy’s ways, watching and forecasting all possible moves

AND moving from a place of wise strength, is key.

Hot heads, need not apply.

Arrogants, sit down

Makers of a new dream, a new Life

step forward.

It’s in all of us.

It’s why we’re here.

It’s the reason You are here too, friend.

We know the human spirit is stronger than anything it must endure.

Can we endure, to the level of re-learning and re-imagining our world?

Can we actually grow to that point of readiness within?

Can You do that, friend?

We have a new kind of road ahead to build.

As illusions we’ve built our realities around crumble,

New discoveries, inventions and levels of awareness will emerge to bring us forward

and upward in vibration, wholeness and awareness.

It is the space of the dream I hold for the world to come.

Lets not face it with fear, but with a fearlessness and heart fullness.

As this paradigm crumbles and births a whole new world,

we midwife in new ways of being together.

We are on the edge of many changes, friends.

As a species and a people, may we use all this energy of change

as a catalyst for new growth.

Like the Lightning that produces the nitrogen

and helps the seeds to grow.

A Light has been bourne because of all this.

Inside each of us,

along with the tears and the grieving

and the numbing shock and anger of betrayals well planned.

Along with the uncertainty and the changing of all that once was,

We must dig deeper, beyond that and pull up a part of our selves that has been

dormant too long, give it root and help nurture its new growth.

It’s easy to bomb and destroy.

It’s time for all of us to not just 'grow up'

but to mature.

For our egos to step out of the old, programmed ways of war

And wrap our spirits and voices in a new way of being,

Our eyes and our hearts in a new way of seeing.

May we walk in balance and beauty

all the days of our Lives

and may we realize what it is to truly Live,

so that when we die,

we go forth into that great mystery

with a song strong in our hearts.

Seize Life everyday friends...with a tender hand

and a wise heart.

With a strong soul

and clear sight.

Arm in arm, we all go forward together.

Veronica O’Grady was born with the gifts of a shaman and has been training & receiving visions and messages for humanity since early childhood. She does deep soul healing, Life counseling sessions and Light Leaders trainings immersions. She’s the founder of Light Leaders International where Lightworkers train to become the Light Leaders of the New Earth. For more info about Veronica and her work, visit