It’s no mistake that Turkey is a Thanksgiving icon. This large, grounded bird, native to North America, is a symbol of abundance. Turkey people are known for their generosity. This generosity, a potent ingredient in their special recipe for successful manifesting, extends out in all ways—it can be material, spiritual and mental—as in the generosity of ideas. Turkey people give easily because they are deeply connected to Source and have abundant resources of whatever they might be giving away. They prove the model “give in order to receive.” It seems the more they share, the more they shore up. Whether it’s friends or finances, they always seem to have plenty.

True to their tail feathers, Turkeys also like to strut their stuff. And despite what you might think, it’s not done to brag about their possessions, wealth or status, but rather they walk with admirable confidence through life. As a bird that lives and feeds on the ground, Turkeys are confident in their mental ground-game, which is the material plane. They don’t need to “put on” for anyone—they are simply capable and confident and can carry themselves accordingly! The beauty of Turkey is that they are always approachable and happy to help others. One of their qualities is that while being widely admired, they also generously agree to help those in need when asked or inspired to do so. If anything, they may need to watch their tendency to sacrifice for others, and that is the one catch to their generous natures. For this reason, Turkeys are naturally drawn to teaching and parenting. Their stability, reassurance, resourcefulness, and ability to laugh provided in a family, friend circle or community are gifts to any organization they may be part of. They teach those around them a valuable lesson that generosity is a gateway to generating the things we most wish to be grateful for—a key ingredient in the New Earth consciousness.

Turkey also has a fabulous sense of humor. They can exceed as entertainers, and their range can cover everything from silly slapstick to the comic wit and high art of Shakespeare. Keeping them happy through humor, reciprocated kindness, and general warmth and consideration will ensure you a resourceful and generous friend you can laugh with for life.

Be sure to share gratitude for any and all Turkeys at your Thanksgiving table this year!

Kirem Marnett channels Soul Animal Wisdom and helps uncover our truest natures by revealing unique connections to the wild Earth. Find her online at