The Balancing of the Whole—Where the Adult Lives

There is a shamanic medicine wheel that is so helpful when navigating relationships of all kinds. It has everything to do with more deeply defining what makes up the energy of “integrity,” how to bring illumination to its shadow aspects, and how to grow and mature as spiritually-aware, energetically-aligned adults. The medicine wheel is called “The Wheel of Integrity” and begins with a question, “What is your intent?” Before any conversation, thought, writing, texting or action, if we stop and ask, “What is my intent at this moment?” before proceeding, the inner alignment that this one question creates,

can bring more stable clarity to each conversation and situation. This also helps strengthen and build relationships based on connected, mature wisdom and truth.

A quick note for those who are not familiar with what medicine wheels are. Medicine wheel teachings are one way of how Life wisdoms and information were handed down orally, through the generations by many indigenous tribes across the planet. The one being shared here today is from North America and is being shared as it was taught to me long ago. I hope it serves you well.

It’s helped guide me to better relationships and wiser decisions for well over two decades, and I want to share this with you now with the hope that it will help you navigate your Life with more wholeness, stability and balance.

Imagine a circle on a piece of paper. The North is at the top of the page, South at the bottom, East is to the right, and West is to the left. These teachings counter and balance each other and are considered to be maps to the subtle levels of the inner psyche. Each wheel is unique and often has a profound depth of wisdom within it. There are hundreds of wisdom wheels that guide us through the nuances and relationships of Life,

Each direction has a complementary counterpoint, i.e. North balances with South and East balances with West. Each direction has attributes to further break down the aspects of our innate psyche, traits, and our relationships with Life. The idea is to “sit in the center of the wheel” while balancing the aspects of each direction, and receive many more teachings to bring balance to the inner self. If that was the case, one could “sit in that direction” and either face towards the center or face outwardly, depending upon the intent and what feels right for you in that moment. Facing towards the center feels like going into an enclosed, safe space that is held for you with wisdom and Love. Facing outwardly helps your vision open to new possibilities and deeper soul dreams.

Most medicine wheel teachings start with the East or South, but this one is more powerful when starting with the North and, as we begin this teaching, my question for you right now is, “What is your intent?” Take a moment to stop and check in. What is your intent? (Even while reading this article?) Practice getting clear on that as you go through your days, and you may find that energy aligns and flows more seamlessly for you.

As we consider this “Wheel of Integrity,” the teaching of Intent is in the North. The question, “What is your intent?” is where we begin.

When we use this medicine wheel as a guide, to make the most Loving, healthy, aware choices in each moment, the outcome gets elevated to its optimal form. By beginning in this way, we recognize and can control the influences of the wounded or reactionary aspects of our inner selves and get clear on our intent before beginning any conversation.

It helps us connect with the higher, more whole outcomes possible and can bring a calm resolve.  We also learn spiritual maturity and emotional and mental strength and balance. Thoughts get more organized and align more wholly with your intent before you communicate (works well to recalibrate, even when in the middle of an intense conversation). It’s wise to note, as one begins to work with this tool, continually asking yourself this question (“What is my intent in this moment?”) as conversations unfold, can help keep

reactionary energies at bay. It improves breathing, heart rate and more when intent is clear and builds more authentic, stronger relationships based upon integrity.

After clarifying one’s Intent in the North, we look to the South, which is Humility, defined as “Gratitude + Sacred Surrender.” Gratitude = full of gratefulness or “Great Spirit”—feeling that joy, support, peace and strength fills us up. It is about really tapping into that state of being as a truth. If that is a foreign experience to you, imagine what it would feel like.

“Sacred Surrender” is all about trust—letting go to a higher outcome. This is not about releasing responsibility for your choices or giving away your power. It is about releasing the wounded ego and wounded aspects of our past while fully being in the present moment as much as possible. Humility, in this context, is aligning with the bigger, deeper picture with gratitude in your heart and being open to unexpected insights and breakthroughs. It is what I call “The Great Let-Go,” and it especially helps when problem-solving or looking for solutions to challenges. It is a gift when you can tune in to, assess, and allow (if you choose to) these higher vibrational, benevolent conscious levels of energy to help you. It feels like a space of softness in the air around you, even when intense energies are at play in your communications or environment. It’s similar to when a favorite song is playing softly nearby. It uplifts your spirit and feels full of infinite possibilities, and so does your energy. Just the act of being aware of the presence of these levels of benevolent energies can open us to be more whole in conversations, situations and choices.

The question, “How much Humility do you carry?” shows up here. (So does how much grace can you manage wisely, and with maturity and neutrality towards your former triggers).

In our Light Leaders International trainings, we go deeper into these wheel teachings and we teach about the “third energy,” or leaving room in conversations for Great Spirit/Creation consciousness to have a space in the conversation. To me, the third energy is the mix of the Creation consciousness and the Highest selves of each individual involved. Creation can give us real-time input if we open up to it. This helps us align with, learn to, and be open to having new ideas come through. In other words, during silent moments or pauses in conversations, considering the input from what could be perceived as a wise elder energy opens up, as do so many more options for the optimal outcome. Connecting with one conscious breath can open all this for you.

We learn to be more masterful with our energy when we humbly tune in to divine, interactive intelligence. We gain maturity and learn to discern subtle nuances of energy with more self-mastery. Other teachings of humility are not having to know or be right—releasing self-importance and self-righteousness.

From Humility in the South, we take a step back and look to the East, in this wheel, is the place of “Honor”—defined as living with complete heart honesty with yourself and with others in every moment. Heart honesty is what you know, your truth. Your heart doesn’t ask questions.

The heart’s knowing makes statements. The mind and wounded aspects of ourselves ask questions (“…but what if? Why? How?”). Going deeper than that is to go further into connecting with our truth. Beneath the confused wonderings and fears is the place where the truth Lives. The wounded ego is full of questions. When we are confused, we are usually not listening to our heart and feeling its truth. When there is conflict between our mind and heart, taking a moment to take a breath and get clear helps us connect with our heart and what matters most to us. The truth of that in each situation can help us stay aligned and whole.

From Honor in the East, we look to the West. The home of “Respect,” which is defined as “acknowledging the sacredness in self and all others,” or being One with the knowing of the Sacred. Recognizing that you are not separate; you are One with the Sacred and so are all others. You know your own sacred self and have the knowing or recognition of the sacredness in others.

We can use this simple map as a guide to check ourselves as we conduct conversations and move through our days—while driving, doing errands, and creating our most sacred dreams. This one exercise, when applied, can help us see when we (or others) fall out of integrity or if we are not honoring ourselves or others, and what it takes to quickly realign with our intent. It also helps us quickly shift a lower vibrational conversation to a higher vibrational, more illuminated one. When we know the map of how to go from the lower, shadow aspects of integrity to the true, illuminated connected integrity levels, we can bring balance and healing to every moment.

The Wheel of Integrity in Action

Imagine you’re in a conversation and someone is not honoring you. They may have not honored your boundaries, negated your input, or even insulted you on some level. This could be conscious or not. Many may get emotionally upset and “blow up,” but knowing this map and how to go from the shadow aspects to illuminated aspects helps us more clearly define exactly what needs to be balanced to go forward in a good way. Using the words “dishonor” or “disrespect” in this way helps us to not be reactionary. We can more clearly see what the person is doing, and from our own inner space of integrity and clarity, choose how to proceed.

We go more deeply into this and other medicine wheels in our Light Leaders International trainings. Having more effective tools and clarity can make all the difference in your conversations, choices and your Life. If you’re not respecting something about yourself, you can quickly recognize that and rebalance. If your intent (or someone else’s) is to put down another or “put them in their place,” the arrogance can more easily be seen by you before you begin to communicate and you can level up to a higher vibrational state. If your intent is to have clarity and to build bridges, catching yourself early on, stops the conversations from unintended or unwanted outcomes.

The “shadow aspects” of The Wheel of Integrity are called “The Wheel of the Wounded Ego” (*Redefining the Ego and its purpose as a sacred aspect of your soul will come in a future article.)

Wheel of the Wounded Ego:

  • East: Dishonor
  • South: Humiliation
  • West: Disrespect
  • North: Confusion, Arrogance

Being able to clearly and quickly see these “shadow aspects” helps us rebalance quickly so our conversations and relationships can be as optimal as possible. We begin to learn the language that helps bring imbalanced conversations back to wholeness, even when intense emotions are being expressed or experienced. Long-view Life skills like this are what will help us build the New Earth with more unity, harmony, balance and beauty. Imagine for a moment if every child was taught this one strategy—what a different world we would have in less than one generation! We can and Are doing this right now my sisters and brothers! Blessed be sacred ones. Grateful to be back on this journey with you!

Veronica O’Grady was born with the gifts of a shaman and has been training & receiving visions and messages for humanity since early childhood. She does deep soul healing, Life counseling sessions, and Light Leaders trainings immersions. Veronica is the founder of Light Leaders International where Lightworkers train to become the Light Leaders of the New Earth. Visit and @lightleadersinternational on Facebook and Instagram.

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