In this exploration of the magic at play when art inspires art, Mz Breezy shares a piece of music that inspired her painting, “The Colors I Breathe” (acrylic on paper, 2022), shown in the background and below. What might music inspire you to create today?

Click the image above to listen to Oya: E Ye E Ye Kwa by Zion Trinity.

If my heart could dance

with paint it would spread colors that splash,

Spread colors that drip,

Spread colors that move like the air that Breezes across oceans

Mmm… the sound tastes so good

like dipping the moon in my mind letting it control pieces of my time

delicate and powerful

I feel so real in this moment because I'm allowed to

Who can take this moment unless I allow them to

Who? When it's just me in my spirit God’s

dripping my spirit out

I'm a liquid fragile child

I'm the Paint playing in the weirdest clouds

pointing at the sun pretending my finger is the sun dial

dancing fearlessly with the wind spinning all of the colors within without me

who can stop this flow

at my highest glow meditating where my soul finds home

landing in this zone

is everything to be in the existence unknown.......

A multi-talented community activist committed to ending violence, helping the unhoused, and spreading peace and love through the arts, Angela Taylor (Mz Breezy) is the founder of Wings Lifted Productions. Writing short stories since she was nine years old, Angela has evolved into a dynamic performing artist, songwriter, visual artist, playwright and screenwriter.

Find her on Instagram @wytetbreezy2018 and Facebook @Angela Taylor (Wyte T Breezy).

"The Colors I Breathe" (acylic on paper) by Angela Taylor (Mz Breezy).
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