Maybe you’re feeling the call in your heart to do something different, to look at things differently, to move or to change your relationships if they’re not working. This is where using the S.A.V.O.R. process can really help you enjoy and appreciate the totality of our human body and soul.

S is to Slow down. The first step of S.A.V.O.R. is to slow down or stop, whether that’s mentally pausing or physically pausing and saying, “Wait, this is going on, I need to pay attention to it.”Slow down or stop what you are doing and just notice—tune into that place of observation. For some people that may be really challenging, and you have to develop a rhythm or something that can help you to slow down or come to a stop. Yoga and meditation practices are great because they teach us to check in with the breath so we can ground and be present with what is.

A is to Ask. One thing I’ve learned on my journey is question yourself, question your thoughts, question everything that is going on in a situation. It’s so important because it is in the dialogue, the relay, and the relationship where you’re going to be able to get the answer. I’ve learned over the years to question everything. I’ll question my thoughts, question why are they there? Is it true? Once you have asked, just allow those answers to come forward. Answers may come forward right away or they may take a little while. The important thing is that you ask and are open to receiving.

V is to Vibrate in your Truth. Once you’ve asked and received answers, you want to vibrate in your truth. When you feel something so deeply, and possibly in a negative light, it makes it hard to shift. This is when it’s really important to sit, feel, and vibrate your truth. Emotions are a super-gift of the soul that work through our body, even the negative ones. So let’s say you have gotten to your truth, now what? Maybe the truth means now I have to speak up, maybe that situation doesn’t work for me. Or maybe I now know how to shift out of that state and I can be more in my power.

O is to Opening. The O is opening your heart to new possibilities, new ways of looking at things, new directions and new paths. After vibrating in your truth, you may realize you have to change some things in your life. Sometimes opening the heart and opening the mind to these new ideas is a process and can take some time. The important thing is to remain open and let it happen.

R is to Reassess. After you have opened your heart and received your next step, it’s time to reassess the whole situation and take inspired action. Yes, making a change is scary! Fear and other emotions may come up that could stop you. You will stand in your power and know what to do because the first steps in the S.A.V.O.R. process led you to this point where you are connected to your truth and resonating with your soul.

This is your moment to realize, honor, and celebrate what's true for you.

Michael Lott, based in Knoxville, TN, is a life, spiritual and energetic awareness coach, intuitive consultant and yoga/meditation teacher who helps empaths and sensitives find their inner power. Visit or follow him on IG @michaellottcoaching.