I woke, shaking,

the base of my spine reaching for the ground

crawling below my bed

through floorboards and framework

to the depths of dirt

to the crawl space that lies

with open arms below

I begged to be received

for my tender roots to find

the softness of your soil

to soak in the decomposition of what promises to nourish

I found tendrils twisting and turning

dancing through grit and grime

tangled in knots that

creep and crawl

to the warmth of vibrations

that repel and retract.

Here, in my desperate attempts to ground

I curled inward to the warmth of your embrace

to the collection of roots

belonging to the base

of oaks and maple

sycamore and cypress

to the redwoods and willows

landing in the nestle of now

because nothing else matters

when you find the open space

offering just the right amount of moisture

promising symbiotic union

it is the hope of flourishing

that is the fiercest force of the love we all all crave

to courageously rise…

to the roots that reach below

to the moss and mycelium

to the moisture and the momentum

to the twisting and turning of tender pathways

that plunge to the depths of darkness

knowing that what is absorbed below

feeds what flourishes above and beyond.

Teresa Moralez is a multidisciplinary artist and mother in Austin, Texas. Her heart-centered practices include poetry, art (digital & original paintings), Yoga and performance. Teresa has always had an affinity to wellness and health, and uses her art practice to create awareness to all living “bodies” on Earth and how we relate. Through art, meditation, yoga, ritual and intuitive processes, her attempt is to creatively connect the audience to themselves as parts to a greater whole. Teresa welcomes you to reach out to her for original, commissioned artwork. Email [email protected] or DM on Instagram @TeresaMoralezArt.

View Teresa's poetry and artwork on pages 86-87 of the digital magazine edition! It looks stunning on an iPad or tablet!
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