Dear New Earthlings,

We walk with you in welcoming the very first sunrises of 2022! In preparation for the clarity and renewal coming this spring, January has us hunkering down into elements of both rest and responsibility. First and foremost, rest is required for all of us co-creating the New Earth together! The winter is nature’s gift to us in support of doing so. This month we share stories and magic from the dream world, as well as how to align with cultural wisdom, modern and past, in honoring rest. Once we’ve embraced this opportunity to pause and feel the stillness of the season, the new year and new beginnings naturally and gently support us in taking a step back and taking stock. With shorter days and colder temps in the Northern Hemisphere, the naked tree limbs surrounding us serve as a mirror to drop our old stories and hold ourselves accountable. Where have we been on autopilot for too long? Where have we let circumstances or emotional reactivity govern our choices? Our hard working contributors share their guidance for walking further into the wisdom of healing our shadow selves—identifying truth, taking responsibility for authentic self-care, and stepping up and into full integrity are just a few of the ways the Almanac is ready to support you this month!

Pause, reflection and rest is the recipe for a bright, brilliant and blessed New Year. Let’s honor the wisdom of Mother Nature and follow her lead into rest, recovery and renewal.


January Editorial Circle

Kirem Marnett, Co-Founder, Editorial Director & Producer

Marci Lingelbach, Co-Founder, Social Media & Special Projects Editor /  Producer

Kailee Lingelbach, Copyeditor & Publishing Consultant

Geoffrey Visgilio, Editor-At-Large & Voice Over Artist

Eileen Bray, Voice Over Artist

Michael Lott, Podcast Consultant

Additional Contributors

Rachel Surinderjot Kaur

Tara Kimes

Sonia Fernández LeBlanc

Alan Marnett

Lori Bradford Miles

Angela Morris

Jennnifer Ó Conghalaigh

Michelle O’Connell Katz

Veronica O’Grady

Karen Renee Robb

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