The false light can be a triggering subject. As such, I invite you to explore this topic with openness and curiosity to find out what the false light means to you and how it may be showing up in your life.

The dictionary describes false light as an untrue or misleading portrayal. The false light is like a mask, it hides, and just like the masks people wear (figuratively or literally), it is a mask for something we are hiding from within ourselves or unwilling to look at in others or in situations. The false light is inauthentic, it does not want you to find truth or embody the light within because then it loses power. In contrast, the true light shines light on the truth, including darkness and the shadow of things we avoid seeing.

Idolatry of false idols such as gurus, musicians, actors and politicians are one example of the false light. Some of these people are literally paid to lie and the energy we feed them depletes our own prana while feeding them and/or the entities that may be inhabiting them. The same concept applies to those in any profession where a costume or uniform is worn, another type of mask, as these roles are often carrying out unknowingly ritualistic behaviors designed by an outer authority. This authority is not rooted in natural law or individuation, but a controller, a system designed to take, steal, loot or harvest energy. We often build these people up in our mind without ever knowing them. We give up our power and allow them to steal our electricity, our prana, by putting our attention on them in the same way we do this to a brand, logo or corporation. It’s easy to see the greater the following, the more easily they bend as they embody the fear of losing material riches, fame and followings, which feed them. Sometimes they are blindly part of the indoctrination system, not awake to something deeper at play, but other times they are playing a part to implant ideas in the mind as participants in the arm of the control system that is conducting social engineering and propaganda. You will rarely see those in the “lime-light” use their platform for good. I’m not saying never watch a movie or listen to music, but step away, learn to discern and be more mindful of how you spend your physical and energetic currency. For example, a musician may be of the false light but play a song that is beautiful to you, maybe the Great Spirit streamed lyrics right through them to send you a message in a moment just when you needed it—after all, Spirit works through us ALL in such unique and wonderful ways. Use discernment, not fear, and work to understand the nuances of where your energy is leaking.

True light cannot be bribed, coerced, manipulated or paid off, but the false light can and, like the abused that becomes the abuser, so will those embodying the false light take on that role. For example, a politician paid off by Big Pharma will promote propaganda and false information and have no issue lying to the public knowing they have financial gains in store by convincing people to do something that directly benefits them, not the recipient. As George Orwell said:

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

The false light does not support freedom. Most all of our systems promote a multitude of ideologies rooted in falsehoods and not sovereignty. They do serve a purpose, however, as many people are not yet ready to fully embody their sovereign self.

The false light will tell you that you are a star seed, you’re special and others aren’t. The false light invokes spiritual bypassing and discounts situations that are simply not your fault, because sometimes people can be victims of situations and to blame the victim does not hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions, especially regarding childhood trauma. The false light will always tell you what you want to hear—not what is true, but what is comfortable.

False light beings, be it in the seen or unseen, will not respect your free will or boundaries and can be very convincing that they are anything but benevolent and good … so much so that it is very easy to live in a world where most of society is under the spell of the false light because the false light uses fear to manipulate.

In contrast, benevolent beings, in our physical plane or in the metaphysical, will respect free will, boundaries and sovereignty in the same way an elder or mentor provides counsel but always steers choices back to the individual.

If you are trusting blindly in anything outside of yourself from a corporation, government or spiritual entity, remember, if there is something for them to gain or they are “dictating” to you, they are likely not benevolent. On the flip side, sometimes they tell us exactly what they are doing and it is up to us to discern what is being shown and then choose to consent or not.

It is important to develop healthy skepticism, as even direct experiences can be clouded in misperception if driven by subconscious programming designed to tap into human emotion and peer pressure.

The true light is authentic, not fake love and light, but love and truth. It will show you your shadow to guide you towards healing and breaking generational curses, limiting beliefs or unhealthy patterns. Love and light will never tell you to stand up for yourself, will spiritually bypass or will not want to talk about anything negative or uncomfortable. Love and light will tell you that negative emotions are bad or low vibration, but all emotions are guides for us to feel and to help us navigate the physical plane, and they must be fully felt to alchemize or heal. Anything that guides you anywhere but back to your own inner guidance might be in the false light. The false light wants you inside the system, not building your own life and working towards self-realization and growth.

There are many levels of debates on the topic of false light, such as: Why do we need a spirit guide when we have a direct connection with God? Can anything really be fully false light, as behind every inauthentic action there is authenticity hiding and the false light often reveals to us what is inauthentic in ourselves, thus giving us opportunity to explore more deeply within ourselves who we really are and why we are here?

Ask yourself, what are my values and morals and am I truly embodying them? As a sovereign soul, one must learn to not just know the path, but to walk it. Where in your life might you be exhibiting inauthenticity or giving over your energy to a false light?

Angela Morris is a Harmony Catalyst, Conscious Truther, Energy Worker and Spoken Word Artist. She has a passion for helping people shift into a life more authentic, aligned and divinely sovereign. Find her on YouTube @AM Universe, on Instagram @theangelamorris or email her at [email protected].