Drishti, meaning “pure seeing,” is to the eyes what asana (posture) is to the body. Correct drishti helps keep the body in the correct alignment and the mind focused on the task at hand. Directing the gaze physically impacts the optic nerve as it travels from the eyes to the center of the brain. During meditation and other activities, different eye positions cause the optic nerve to apply variable pressures to major glands and gray matter. The power of drishti depends on where you direct your focus. Gazing in different directions can elicit responses that improve the flow of energy in the regions where your attention is placed.

Brow Point

The eyes are closed and focused in and up at the brow point or ajna (the space between the eyebrows). This gaze stimulates the pituitary gland, strengthening intuition.  It also affects the sushmuna, which is the central column along the spine through which prana flows.  When you consciously move prana through your chakras along the sushmuna, you are building up your aura (also called the 8th chakra).

Tip of the Nose

In addition to being a drishti, it is a lock within the body that directs the flow of energy. It stimulates the pineal gland and the frontal lobe of the brain, creating new pathways in the brain. There is pressure placed on the optic nerve.

Moon Center

Looking at the tip of the chin, with the eyes closed and rolled down. Like the energy of the moon, it brings cooling and calming energy.  It also is very reflective, allowing introspection.

Crown Chakra

This is at the 10th gate—top of the head, stimulates it to open. It also affects the pineal gland. One-tenth open, the eyes are relaxed and unfocused. This gaze is at the top of the Head. Closed eyes roll upwards, as if looking through the very top center of the head. Stimulates the pineal gland and the Crown Chakra.

1/10th Open

Here your eyes are relaxed and unfocused, 1/10th open.  This gaze is balancing and calming.

In addition to being a published author and creative writer, Lori Bradford Miles, RN, is also a Registered Nurse and certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.