Crystals hold the power and energy of the earth within them. They hold vibrations or frequencies that can help you connect and recalibrate your own energy. Each crystal emanates at its own frequency, and that does not change. For humans, however, our frequency is in fluctuation all the time. So when a crystal is placed near an area of the body that is vibrating at a lower frequency, that area will try to match the higher frequency of the crystal. Simply having the crystal in your energy field affects your energy. This makes crystals a powerful vibrational energy tool to improve your physical and emotional state of being.

Another great thing about crystals is they serve as a physical representation of your intention. They help put your intention out into the universe, which magnifies its ability to manifest into reality. I’d like to share some of my favorite crystals to help you stand in your power. These power-player crystals are great for amping up your resilience and your strength in the midst of challenges. We all have a well of power inside of us, and sometimes we just need a little help to bring that power forward.

Set your intention for standing in your power with the following crystals to harness the energy of empowerment:

Bloodstone: Also known as the warrior stone, Bloodstone was carried onto battlefields along with swords and shields. Babylonians felt that this stone increased their personal strength. It is the stone of courage. Hold this stone close and feel a boost to your life force energy. You will have increased endurance to handle whatever is thrown at you.

Tiger’s Eye: This is your personal power crystal of confidence and vitality. Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye rings for strength and protection. Tiger’s Eye helps move you through any and all emotions that are holding you back. It helps you realize you are capable of anything you set your mind to. This stone is wonderful for helping you manifest change.

Hematite: Hematite puts you in a state of balance so no matter what is happening, you continue to rise up and feel empowered. Its super power is its ability to ground you to the earth energies. If you ever feel like you have been knocked  off your feet, Hematite can get you back to feeling stable, confident and secure.

Obsidian: Especially helpful for keeping Empaths safe and strong, Obsidian makes you feel invincible. Use this solid black stone to stand in the strength of your own power.

Marci Lingelbach is a Crystal Reiki Master based in Franklin, TN and Social Media & Special Projects Editor for the New Earth Almanac. Find her online at and on IG @reikibymarci.