Almanac co-founder and cancer survivor Marci Lingelbach shares a touching memoir on her father's reaction to her diagnosis and what helped change his mind about her ability to survive, despite the odds.

"My father grew up learning that if you get cancer, you die. His father died of cancer at age 50, and his sister died of cancer at age 36. Years later, his mother died of cancer as well. Since then, he has also had multiple friends die of cancer. It seemed like everyone in my father’s life that got cancer, all died. This was very real to my dad, and it shaped his perspective. His perspective was that cancer was the absolute worst thing that could happen to you. Everything he saw in his life cemented that perspective for him ... And then it happened [to me]. I was 39 years old, a mother of three young kids ... One day I was fine, the next day I was a cancer patient ... So we all know what my dad thought, right? How this would end?"

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Honey, I Think You Might Have a Chance
Perspective is an interesting thing. It shapes who you are on so many levels. Perspective is the lens you see life through. It creates your beliefs and shapes your behaviors and outlooks. And many times it influences how things play out in your life. We are all unique in that