How much relief did you feel reading the title? Seriously. Be honest with yourself. Your first thought was, “Wait, what?! No, New Year’s resolutions? Thank God!!!” (Devilish laugh follows…)

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions anymore.

I do resolutions and goal setting, but not at New Years’ time, not on January 1st.

Here’s my personal story. Over the years, I found that I would set New Year’s resolutions sometime during the end of December, to have them start January 2nd, only to end up “failing” by the end of January and throwing in the towel. This generally happened because, for many years, I always seemed to catch a cold/was traveling/needed a mental break in January and activities for new resolutions and goals weren’t aligned with being sick/on the road/decompressing from life.

Over the years, I started to evaluate what resolutions mean and what purpose they served for ME. I chose to feel into the process and create a process that makes sense for ME. I’ve experimented with a few different time periods for starting new resolutions and goals. I found two time periods resonate.

The first is my birthday, which is at the end of January. This felt good as usually by the end of January I’m more in the head space to start something new and it aligned with my natural birth cycle.

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