Happy Father's Day to all New Earth dads! Complementing our creative coverage for M.O.T.H.E.R.'s Day, find below a breakdown of the letters and interpretations of corresponding virtues, values and principles that make up F.A.T.H.E.R. from male members of the New Earth tribe.

F is for Fidelity by Richard Dorn

“F” is for the fidelity of fatherhood. Fidelity is the backbone of the family. Fathers are reliable, trustworthy, dependable and committed to the family unit.  Where there is fear, fathers are there to offer safety, encouragement and protection.  Fidelity is not control or dictatorship, rather a deep sense of respect and value of each unique member of the family.  Fathers are looked to for leadership and values, never judgement or criticism.  Encouragement and honor of each family member’s unique character and talents is the true mission of a father.  Fear of these rigid responsibilities prevent many men from fulfilling their proper role as father resulting in many children never experiencing the joys of having an intimate relationship with a loving father.  Men need to encourage other men to step up into this sacred role of fatherhood.  A fitting obligation of the divine masculine.

A is for Awareness by Paul Meier

If I could rewind time and send advice to myself when I was a young father, I hope I would take this message to heart: Young father, become Aware of the impact your words and your actions have upon your children. Prior to the age of eight, they are mentally and physically unable to recognize truth from falsehood. What you say jokingly or teasingly, they receive as absolute truth. It may take them a lifetime to heal from unintentional damage they receive through their eyes and ears because they cannot understand why an adult would say something untrue or provide an example that is not worthy of copying. Admire your child for the Divine snowflake he/she/they is created to be. Help each one grow into his/her/their Authentic Self.

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