“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. We all need to negotiate and know how to get the best results.” - Gary Ryan Blair

I am always mildly amused by people that say things like “I can’t,” “I’m stuck in [a job, a relationship, a situation],” “That’s not possible,” etc.

Uhm, yes you can. Everything is negotiable, is doable, is possible.

Here are some examples that stand out from my life…

  • Most recently, I had to break my apartment lease. One reason was related to excessive noise from the upstairs neighbors that made for an untenable situation. I was one of MANY people in the complex dealing with this situation. As I was moving out (after being there only 5 months), I ran into a few of the people I knew going through the same situation. They asked about my moving out and their response was, “I can’t wait to move but I still have time until my lease expires.” Uhm, yeah, me too. However, I negotiated my way out of the lease. I was able to do this because I knew my rights and I knew how to appropriately escalate and document the situation.
  • In 2009, I took five weeks off work to do a trek to Everest Base Camp and then to travel back to the States via Europe. I can’t even tell you how many people along the way that said, “I could never take five weeks off work.” Yes, you can. I negotiated time off – some paid, some not. Was it normal/typical? No. Was it doable? Yes. I worked extra hours ahead of time to ensure I left my team all set up.
  • One year I bought a condo in Washington. Six weeks later I received a job offer in Arizona. It was too soon to sell the condo; the job offer was too good to pass up. Most people asked why I would even consider the job and a move. I knew owning a condo in WA and taking a job in AZ didn’t have to be mutually exclusive events. I negotiated a salary that would allow me to pay both my mortgage on my condo and rent in my new location.

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