She's back! SoulSinger and longtime Almanac contributor, Eileen Bray has returned stateside from Ireland, and is taking her magical "mantra-mashup" creation, Celtic Kirtan, on tour this spring! Catch her as soon as Saturday, March 11 at Mindful Nashville Germantown and Saturday, March 18 at Shangri-La Hot Yoga in Clarksville, TN. Details to be announced soon for New York City and Rhode Island! Enjoy her inspiring message for today and see below for more info and tickets.

“EIRÌ” (pronounced Ire-ree) Means “RISE” in Irish
The Medicine of Showing Up
Shine Brighter
Love Harder
Go Higher
Feel Deeper

These were promptings that came through as I sat with my beautiful friends from the New Earth Almanac last week over lunch. We sat and brainstormed over how we navigate the terrain of the current scene playing out on planet Earth.

The message came through clearly.

Rise higher! Shine Brighter! Love harder!

When they go low, you go high and then go higher still!

Don’t compromise! Don’t run. Don’t be scared.

We are powerful beings, boots on the ground at this moment in time, arms locked together, walking steadily towards a kinder, brighter future for us all.

We are in the narrowest point of the hourglass before it opens right back up to the new expansion which is fast approaching.

What a journey this has been! Keep going. Don’t lose faith!

The light pouring onto the planet and emanating out from all who are spreading it is potent.

It is medicine.

It is so needed.

This is GO time New Earthers!

This is what we signed up for. It's not for the faint of heart, warrior foot soldiers.

No more hiding. We don’t have that luxury anymore. We didn’t contract to incarnate this lifetime to hide. We are the warriors of the New Earth.

Consider this your clarion call! Who’s with me on this?

What is your medicine?

Claim it.

Be it

Share it.

What is your inner voice telling you to do?

What gifts are you keeping hidden?

Why are you hiding them, keeping them tucked away in that safe inner vault that only you can access?

Is it fear? Fear of being truly seen as your authentic self?

Hear this please New Earther, your medicine is needed badly!

If your offering is not on the banquet table of life right now, somebody goes hungry. This is the spiritual potlucks of all potlucks!

The energy is pretty intense out there. If you are reading this, you understand what I'm talking about. Cars weaving around, people not able to remember the end of their sentence, folks losing their focus, their center, in certain cases losing hope, a sense of general uncertainness, overwhelm and chaos.

It's time to bear down and ask ourselves.

Why did I come at this time and what can I offer?

How can I help? This can be in the littlest way which makes the biggest impact e.g., an acknowledging smile, a hug, a deep listening ear, a dollar, a random act of kindness, giving somebody rude a pass, exhibiting grace to those whom you may not feel like extending it to.

Two years ago I stepped through crippling fear to bring my healing music (my medicine) to the world in the form of Celtic Kirtan. Weaving chants and mantras in ancient sacred languages rooted in the Irish language. I was utterly terrified as my dear friend Veronica O'Grady can testify to. She was the one who had to talk me down from purging before my second Facebook live in April 2021. :) I did go live that day and then I just kept going because something irrevocable was pulling me so strongly and I knew it was non-negotiable.

Since that first day February 14th 2021 to now, I haven't stopped. I just kept showing up and step-by-baby-step I was held, guided and so embraced.

My medicine was received with such kindness and warmth. I am still on my journey of manifesting the life of my dreams which is to travel all over the world sharing my healing music, my medicine to those who are open to receiving it.

You know what? When I sit back and reflect on it, it's already happening! I just spent 6 months in my homeland Ireland traveling up and down that country like a lunatic as my dear friend Sarai says. :) I’ve been facilitating my Celtic Kirtans by myself or hosting our “Healing the Throat Chakra” workshops with my beautiful friend Mia Sera. Gently encouraging all who have ever felt silenced or muted to show up as their authentic selves and unfetter their true voices, revealing their essence into the world.

I urge you, beautiful soul reading this, to please step through whatever block is holding you and your gifts captive and share them with us.

You will also be so held, so nurtured and the very best part is, you will feel that finally you are living and doing what you came here for.

You will feel aligned with your soul’s purpose.

It is the greatest medicine that we can offer each other.

Again I ask you to reflect on this….what is your medicine? Where is it hiding?

I for one would love to receive some of it.

Now is the time and this is the space.

Le Grà agus Siochàin / With Love and Peace

(Pronounced Graw ogus shee-a chawn)

Eileen Bray is a singer, textile artist, professional voice-over artist and the creator of Celtic Kirtan. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer, and a Celtic Shamanic practitioner in training. She splits her time between Co Tipperary, Ireland, and Nashville, TN. Find her online at,, and on Instagram @mysticalceltvox.

To experience some of Eileen’s medicine firsthand, she will be hosting two Celtic Kirtans with three other musicians in the Nashville area during March:

Saturday, March 11th at Mindful Nashville in Germantown

  • 5-7 pm
  • Tickets are $30, or 2 for $50
  • Tickets may be purchased via Venmo @ Eileen-Bray-2, or view the event link on Facebook for alternative payment options.

Saturday, March 18th at Shangri-La Hot Yoga in Clarksville, TN

  • 5-7pm
  • Tickets are $30, or $25 for studio members
  • Tickets may be purchased via Shangri-La's web site here.

Eileen then hits the road for NYC to host Celtic Kirtan there April 5 (details coming soon) and in Rhode Island (TBA) before returning to Ireland mid-month. More details and booking info can be found on her Facebook pages, Eileen Bray and Celtic Kirtan, and on Instagram @MysticalCeltvox.

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