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January 2023

  • Daily Devotional Email Deadlines: 12/16 and 1/6

Mind and the New Earth, Rest, Sleep, Adrenals and Kidneys, Brain Chemistry, Neurotransmitters, Mental Health, Depression, SAD, Addictions/Sobriety, Psychic Protection, Non-Attachment, Bone Broth, Fasting, Purification, Poetry, Prepping, Arctic/Antarctic, Northern Myths and Legends, Ice, Water Element, Winter, Capricorn Season, Chinese New Year, Aquarius Season, Glands, Saying No, Boundaries, Control, Controllers, Control Mechanisms: Shame, Guilt, Obligation, Perfection, Throat Chakra, 3D vs 5D. Make your submission to [email protected].

February 2023

  • Daily Devotional Email Deadlines: 1/20 and 2/3

Status of the "Aquarian Age", Relationships, "Relating in the New Earth", Heart Chakra, Courage, Aquarius Season, Pisces Season, Partnership, Co-creation, Galactic Council of Light, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, ETs, Aliens, Disclosure, CE5, Orbs, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Imbolc, Fish, Mermaids, Perfectionism, Co-dependency, Interdependence, Hormones. Make your submission to [email protected].

March 2023

State of the Feminine, Toxic Feminine, Sister Wound, Goddesses, Sovereignty, Queens/Kings, Holi Festival, Easter, Norse Mythology, Odin, Equinox, Planting/Growing, Spring Spirits and Practices, Cleansing, Organizing, Liver/Gallbladder, Anger, Creativity, Equinox, Planting/Growing, Home Gardening, Homesteading, Prepping, Renewal, Regrowth/Bud Stage, New Earth Values, Sacred Economy, Alternative Financial Systems, Crypto Currencies, Spiritual Materialism, Excess vs. Minimalism, Interdependence,