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Ongoing topics and themes we cover MONTHLY in New Earth Almanac: Consciousness, planetary awakening, our connection to nature, ascension and 5D, shadow work, sacred values of freedom, truth, health and prosperity for all, guided visualizations, crystals, divination tools, numerology, sacred geometry, meditations, art, poetry, recipes, book excerpts, yoga, recipes, wildcrafting, plant medicine, mantra, healing, humor, shamanism, spoken word, and so much more! Make your submissions to [email protected]

June 2022 (Deadline 5/1)

Issue in progress! Fathers and Wizards, Shamanism/Transformation/Shape Shapeshifting, Summer Solstice, Storytelling and the Inner Child, Masculine/Feminine Economy/Exploring Currency in the New Earth, Sacred Mathematics/Geometry, Saturn Return, Father's Day, Juneteenth. Make your submissions to [email protected]

July 2022 (Deadline 6/1)

Issue in progress! Self-Worth, Vacation and Time Off, Sports and the Feminine/Masculine, Spiritual Travel Destinations and Reports, Telepathy, Astral Travel, Volcanoes, Fire Element, Insomnia, Sound Healing. Make your submission to [email protected]

August 2022 (Deadline 7/1)

Late Summer: The Fifth Season, Purpose of Discomfort, Irritants, Sadhana, Earth Element, Ripening, Fruits of Labor, Healing Pain and the Physical Body. Make your submission to [email protected]

September 2022 (Deadline 8/1)

The Role of Mind in the New Earth, Discipline, Organization, Rules... for Better or Worse, Air Element, Metal Element. Make your submission to [email protected]

October 2022 (Deadline 9/1)

Monster Week! Witches, Halloween, Pumpkins, Spices, Elixirs and Potions, Spells and Magic. Make your submission to [email protected]

November 2022 (Deadline 10/1)

Gratitude, Abundance, Family, Ancestors. Make your submission to [email protected]

December 2022 (Deadline 11/1)

Holding the Light, Winter Solstice. Make your submission to [email protected]