Our second Eclipse Season of 2022 begins tomorrow with a partial solar eclipse that will be visible in Europe, northeast Africa, the Middle East and Asia, followed by a lunar eclipse taking place on November 8 and visible from Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the Americas. Eclipses always occur in pairs--and have a Yin/Yang effect in that there is always a partnership between both the sun and moon experiencing an eclipse within close proximity to one another.  

Energetically, something that eclipses do is bring up issues around ways we are living our life that no longer serve us and need to go. Eclipses carry a strong Saturn Teacher energy, which is the power of the disciplinarian.

If something isn’t serving your purpose, or has been a crutch, be prepared for the eclipse energy to remove it for you.

Having something taken away before you’re ready is not always a good feeling--and it can create a lot of resistance in response. Even when for our own good, the detoxing experience is never easy.

To best direct the energy of the upcoming eclipses to your advantage, consider this a dedicated time for you to initiate your own detox for the remainder of the month. By placing your own intention in the direction of letting go, it will help make the process flow much more smoothly and minimize the feeling of your hand being forced.

During this time, your focus for detoxing can be on anything you wish or is calling to you, it might be:

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