So this is one of those Soul Signs I didn't expect to see but of course it hopped right into a reading just last week and it's messages are so timely! As we've learned from Richard Dorn in his article yesterday about Ostara and the Easter Bunny's origins, we know that it is a symbol and sign of spring--new beginnings and fresh starts. Here enjoy some additional wisdom from the message of Easter Bunny to inspire your Easter weekend!

In the Soul Signs sphere, all legendary characters fall under the Mythical Realm and serve to guide us based on their mythical qualities. When they show up, get ready for some super-charged magic and also new levels of fame or recognition!

The Easter Bunny represents optimism, endless abundance, spontaneity, surprises and magic. It combines the grounded aspects of Rabbit as a real animal (check out my article on Year of the Rabbit for more info), but also the mythical qualities that have been bestowed on the Easter Bunny itself, such as magically appearing on Easter Sunday to hide eggs, candies and toys for children to find. The creativity, fun and excitement of this Easter tradition impart an agelessness to someone with Easter Bunny as a Soul Sign. The stage they may find themself in could require a great deal of imagination, and belief in themselves to manifest the life of their dreams or other undertaking. Think about it, mythical characters would cease to exist if we didn't all contribute to keeping the belief of them alive. Yes, truth must be honored, but we create magic when and because of our belief in it! We can find a lot of fun and play in that awareness, and there is so much joy and optimism as a result as well!

The Easter Bunny persona will also be experiencing the give and take of lessons around trusting in the Divine as the source of all abundance. Do you think the Easter Bunny worries about the status of the supply chain for his magical eggs? Probably not! This means, believing in one's magic, we have to also believe we are infinitely supported and held in manifesting our gifts into the world--as that is our Divine purpose! It can be challenging at times to walk the talk, but that is the beauty in the teaching of Mythicals like the Easter Bunny. It's time to show up and believe in ourselves!

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