Our numerology expert, Michael Lott, dispels the notions that certain numbers have to be "unlucky".


Numerologically, 13 is a number connected with “once in a blue moon,” as every two and a half years or so we have a 13th annual Moon cycle. The number has three strong numerological components: one, three, and the sum of four.  The one is connected in a positive light to beginnings, initiations, inspired ideas and thoughts. Three is connected with happiness, expansion and creativity. Four is symbolic of strong and stable support that could come about from multi-dimensional ways. The positive of this is a very powerful combination of new or inspired creativity that is supported in some or many ways.

To get at the negative spin, you could look at the polar opposite of these concepts and negative side of the numbers: completely uninspired, sad, depressed, afraid, closed off and totally unsupported. In reference to the Friday the 13th movie connotation, those negative spins are precisely connected.


Numerologically, six is a beautiful and sacred number of mothering, nurturing, focused projection, connection and family. Just looking at the number itself, it looks like the pregnant belly of a mother with a branch that swirls up to the heart. The polarities of this loving, nurturing energy can be devastating. Many negative approaches can come from the opposite of care and love.

Some polarities of six that could shine a light on where the negative connotations or the intentions to create fear around the numbers come from:

  • Deep focus versus provoking scattered thoughts.
  • Deep levels of nurturing versus projecting isolation, loneliness and fear.
  • Thoughts that are supportive versus beliefs that are degrading.

Tripling down on a single digit in a row is based on the intention of three—which is expanding and creating more of whatever you’re emphasizing. When added together (6+6+6), we get a sum of 18. Let’s break this down into its single digits first. On the positive note, one is often connected to inspired ideas and thoughts (one might even say soul or origin of inspired thoughts), new beginnings, initiations and illumination. On the negative side, one can be connected to emptiness, isolation, no inspiration and darkness. On a positive note: the eight is often associated with infinity, abundance in all forms, prosperity and Life force/Prana. So with a negative spin: complete lack and limitation.

The sum total of 6+6+6 = 18, and 1+8 = 9, and nine is often seen as a universal number of peace, the subtler aspects and or purpose, endings and completions. On a negative side: no purpose, no peace, no connection to the bigger or subtler side of things and disconnection.

One can see from the numerology that one could come up with a pretty grim side to 13 and 666. However, armed with the knowledge that all numbers are transparently coded with both negative and positive traits, I like to think that numbers show us potentials. We all have the potential for greatness or nothingness. There is nothing to be afraid of when we have all the possibilities and permutations available to us. It is all there. How do you choose to harness your potential?

Based in Knoxville, TN, Michael Lott is a life, spiritual and energetic awareness coach, intuitive consultant, and yoga/meditation teacher who helps empaths and sensitives find their inner power. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in counseling at Saybrook University. Visit michaellott.com or follow him on Instagram @michaellottcoaching.

Audio Credit: Voice-over by Geoff Visgilio.