Pulse taking in Chinese Medicine is a mystical yet accurate tool for diagnosis that has been a source of fascination for centuries. In February, my article, "Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy: Broken-Heart Syndrome" shared about the phenomenon of the "Divorce Pulse":

"What I do find encouraging ... is that both the existence and validation of Broken Heart Syndrome as well as the phenomena of the Divorce Pulse, convey an undeniable pattern that what happens in our lives emotionally/mentally/spiritually may not be direct physical trauma or pain, but can, still and does have an impact on our physical body. What happens emotionally is not separate from the physical form ... I first encountered [this phenomena] during my advanced studies on the pulse. An integral part of Chinese medical diagnosis involves the taking of pulses. This gives the practitioner direct information on the health of internal organs as conveyed via the blood flowing through the heart. In essence, the heart provides the messages to which we can decipher information about the patient's condition--mind, body and spirit. In pulse reading, at the Heart pulse (the most distal pulse on the left side taken at the wrist) there is a phenomenon known as the Divorce Pulse. When palpated it is almost felt like a top bubble on the pulse beat itself that slightly extends over the Lung pulse, the second more proximal position. It is very distinct and noticeable and I have identified it in clinical practice on many patients. When felt and asked, 99% of the time patients confirmed divorces, lost loved ones or shock or trauma."

Curious to find out if you can detect the Divorce Pulse on your own body? For Self-Care Sunday today, below are instructions on how to find it for yourself. (Be reassured, the presence of Divorce Pulse alone does not diagnose nor signify any kind of heart problem, rather it is a physiological indicator of historical emotional pain that acupuncturists incorporate into a holisitic framework for your treatment.)

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