Well, we made it. All the way to the end of 2021. Wow. You survived all the ups and downs of the Astrological calendar—eclipses, retrogrades, squares, trines, oppositions and more. Pat yourself on the back, pour a glass of wine, and take a long minute to breathe into all that you experienced and the lessons learned. This is what the Astrology of December is about. December 24th is the final time the Saturn/Uranus square takes place in 2021. But as always, when outer planets are involved, events related to these aspects happen days/weeks/months prior to the actual date of exactitude.

We began this year with the first of these three squares on February 17th. The second time these two faced off was June 14th. As you think back to events near those dates, know that this final perfection is the culmination of all of those experiences. Squares are aspects in Astrology that take place when two planets are at a 90 degree angle to each other. Charles E.O. Carter says of Saturn/Uranus squares: “Consistency is not one of the virtues of this combination, and, after many changes, one may find the native as positive as ever in his conviction of being right. A liberal amount of time may profitably be devoted by the native to the cultivation of the virtue of humility.” Not a common virtue we see on social media.

These are tough times, no doubt. Each of us is being brought to the brink of authenticity and we’ve been pushed to our wit’s end. We may feel “dug in,” but are we really? Are we standing in stubbornness, paralyzed by fear? Or setting firmer boundaries? We still need to take another, deeper look at this concept before this year is over.

Squares tend to get a bad rap in pop Astrology on social media. Very few people understand fully the value of every aspect that exists in your chart—especially one that can seem to be a challenge like a square. Elizabeth Rose Campbell, author of Intuitive Astrology, says of squares: “Square aspects in the birth chart reflect a combining of talents that may seem discordant but in fact are simply different. Squares are always about learning to live your life more fully and richly. However, this calls for patience, as you are learning a new skill that requires two steps backward to go one step forward. Even a skilled carpenter may have had to overcome an obstacle or solved a problem to get that table built. He had to pay attention; he didn’t try to have a party or watch TV at the same time.” She recommends we develop more sophisticated methods of maximizing our creative gifts.

We must learn these valuable lessons when we have squares in our natal charts, and once we do, the benefits are beyond our wildest comprehension. When outer planet squares take place, we get to see what it looks like when we do or don’t move past these “bumps in the road.” We’ll keep dating the same type of guy, working for the same controlling boss, having the same arguments with our parents, etc., when we’re living in that box.

Isabel Hickey, author of Astrology—A Cosmic Science, says of squares: “The quickest way to release ourselves from difficulties is to face them and solve them. Every time we run out on trouble it awaits us around the corner through another set of instruments or circumstances.”

So here we are. Collectively and individually doing the best we can to move forward, to release ourselves from consciously and unconsciously created difficulties. We have no choice now as our back is to the wall. But the reward for hard work, facing reality, stepping up, and taking responsibility (all Saturn themes) is a beautiful life,  free (again, Uranus’ theme) to express our individuality, let our inner “weirdo” roam freely without judgment, and to find others who we can forge meaningful, lasting friendships and relationships with while never compromising who we are as a sovereign individual.

As you reflect on this powerful transiting aspect, hopefully by a roaring fire in your most comfortable pj’s and fuzzy socks, think about the beautiful inner discoveries you experienced in 2021:

  • Where did you call on that “old soul” (Saturn) wisdom and perseverance to overcome difficulties with authority figures or those you perceived were in authority?
  • Where did you overthrow (Uranus) the suspicion and skepticism that kept you from reaching for new dreams?
  • When did you reach your limits (Saturn), and what did you do to shatter those imaginary walls of fear, analysis paralysis, or imposter syndrome (Uranus)?
  • Where did it pay off to be consistent in building a stronger foundation for true stability in your life (Saturn), to stop running from your own feelings or past traumas?
  • What did you have to become aware of to shake off the obstacles, fears or people that did not support your right to be free and unencumbered by old patterns (Uranus)?
  • Are you humbled by the awesomeness of life (Uranus is inspiration)?

I pray you are, because our time here is incredibly short. And the quicker we move out of the box, the sooner we will be able to receive the unbridled joy that awaits on the other side of that wall that only appears to be insurmountable.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may 2022 be the year your wildest dreams come true!

Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach and the recipient of a 2020 Lightwork Award. Visit www.astrogirl12.com and follow her on Facebook @Suzie Kerr Wright and on Instagram @astrogirl12.musiccitymedium.