This is the time of year where we begin the descent into the darker days of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Leaves fall, plants retreat into the Earth, thank goodness bugs die (sorry bug lovers), and in between the big holidays, things seem to slow to a snail's pace in life. We reflect on the past year, begin to make plans for the coming year, and everything seems suspended in a way. “Let's work on that after the New Year,” we often say. “No one wants to (fill in the action item)...during the holidays.”

I look forward to the last two months of the year as an opportunity to call to mind what all my business actually accomplished, because I am so caught up in doing it all year that I can't see it. November and December are deep Scorpio and Sagittarius months with a little bit of Capricorn at the end of the year. Water sign Scorpio loves to root out any hidden information, fiery Sagittarius is all about the cold, hard truth, and earthy Capricorn brings it home and puts all that info to good use.

Taking the time to list your outstanding accomplishments of the year is a fabulous gift to give yourself. I offer this simple exercise to help you connect with your awesomeness and face the coming year with confidence and clarity. The astrological waves of November and December are ideal for going inward. Take a pause and put pen to paper in the next few weeks, connecting with Water, Fire and Earth, and create your Badass Year list.

Use the fluid, emotionally fearless energy of Scorpio to connect with the feelings around events that shaped you. Ask yourself: what moved you the most? What feeling motivated you to make changes or reach your personal or business goals? How did it feel when you were successful? Where did love overflow from the deepest recesses of your heart? And where did you represent unconditional love for others? How did that shift your soul?

Heat it up with some red hot Fire sign energy to embellish (definitely a Sag thing) and expand on these achievements. Look for the bravery and honesty you brought to the occasion. Brag about it. Put on your superhero cape and be proud. Write a side story about the hero in you and how you saved the day! And think about faith—where did your faith help you break through/get through a tough time? How did you keep going? What source did you turn to, and did these events strengthen your relationship to God/Spirit/whatever your higher source is?

And finally, use the gift of Saturn-ruled Capricorn energy to ground yourself into the awareness that you have made another trip around the Sun. That you kept going. Perseverance is one of Saturn's favorite things. Pragmatic Capricorn energy asks that you use common sense and logic. Where/how did you express your most practical solutions? Where were you able to override the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, anger, lust, envy, gluttony and sloth and replace them with the seven virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope and charity? When during the year did you demonstrate outstanding leadership that would have left anyone watching you filled with hope and admiration?

When you look back at all of the experiences of this past year, there should be no question that you are a divine being, loved, loving, and fiercely dedicated to the art of living on this planet at this time, in this place, for this moment. Give thanks and allow the ecstasy of a gloriously grateful heart to gently lift you into the holidays and the coming year with quiet confidence and a blissful, open heart.

Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach and the recipient of a 2020 Lightwork Award. Visit and follow her on Facebook @Suzie Kerr Wright and on Instagram @astrogirl12.musiccitymedium

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