I must admit I have always thought crystal skulls were weird. I thought maybe the purpose was to be dark or scary? Both of those are a big no for me. Turns out I was absolutely wrong! In actuality, crystal skulls have been used in energy healing for centuries. They symbolize life, wisdom, communication, knowledge and powers of the mind.

What are crystal skulls made of?

The most common crystal used is clear quartz. Quartz is known to store a wealth of knowledge. It is also known as a “master healer,” balancing out the entire body. Amethyst is a popular choice to relieve pain and stress, help with sleep, and cleanse the blood and detoxify. Amethyst is a wonderful meditation tool as well. Rose Quartz is a crystal of love. It provides calm and comfort, and helps foster intimacy. It is also used for forgiveness and compassion as well as patience. Skulls from black colored stones seem very popular for skulls as well. Skulls made from Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are thought to be highly effective in cleansing the aura and reducing negativity. Black stones are all known to be very protective and therefore very sought after.

What are crystal skulls used for?

Crystal skulls are known as a tool for enhancing psychic powers. The vibrational energy that comes off a crystal skull is reported to increase premonitions and psychic visions and gifts. As a result, many people meditate with them as a tool to strengthen spiritual growth. You can also use a crystal skull as the center point of a crystal grid. Typically you want to choose a stone for the center position that has powerful energy.

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