Want to be truly wowed? Just pick up a Lodolite crystal, also known as Garden Quartz. It is like a little magical garden naturally encased in Clear Quartz. When I first saw one my jaw dropped. I’ve never seen a crystal like this! When looking at mine I can see what looks like moss and some minerals through the clear quartz. Each crystal can have different colors and types of inclusions. It is like looking through a window at a beautiful scene or landscape. The inclusions you see are usually made of Chloride, Iron and other trace minerals, they form colors of cream, orange, green, pink or red. All of these minerals can carry healing vibrations which are then magnified by the Clear Quartz. Lodolite can only be found in the Minas Geras region of Brazil. It is quite sought after by both crystal collectors and spiritual practitioners.

Lodolite houses ancient knowledge and serves as a connector to past lives. Use Lodolite to heal and release energies from the past that could be holding you back here in the present. Lodolite can help with expanding your consciousness. Use Lodolite in meditation to see what needs to be revealed to you. It helps with where you have been and where you are going now. When used in meditation it can help guide you to your soul’s desires. Bringing in fresh inspiration and guides for your spiritual growth.

Have some dreams you want to manifest? Lodolite is a wonderful manifestation crystal. Because the minerals are encased in clear quartz, it is a programmable crystal! Hold it close and set your intentions. Clear quartz is a high vibrational “master healer.” Clear quartz harmonizes all the chakras as well. In addition to putting the body in balance, Lodolite is also known to be soothing to the eyes and beneficial in the treatment of all eye-related conditions.

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