Black Opals can be described as ‘common opals’.  Mined in Oregon, Australia and Madagascar, common opals lack the flashes of light that are produced in precious opals. These common opals often have a beautiful chocolate brown and cream color running through them. They have a unique energy that works to protect and uplift your spirit. This makes it a wonderful stone to use in meditation because it cleanses your energy and gets you ready to tap into a higher frequency.

A Black Opal balances and aligns the root and crown chakras. It does this by connecting your physical body with your higher consciousness. This is a powerful tool to boost your spiritual and energetic wellness.

Use this stone when you want to conquer FEAR. A black opal protects the emotional body, and the aura. It is like putting up a shield to negative energy. It helps you stay calm when you are in situations that would normally feel uncomfortable. It helps you to just take action and do things before you have time to over analyze and worry about potential outcomes. Personally, I am an over thinker. I get held back in life many times because of fear and anxiety. I spend more time thinking about what could possibly go wrong and coming up with worse case scenarios than I’d like to admit. So I grab my black opal when such thinking is simply not an option! Black Opal calms my fears and helps me feel less anxious about the future, and more present and relaxed in the current moment.

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