Crystal Hearts, they sure are cute and attractive! But they are much more than just that! Crystals do not naturally come in heart shapes. They are cut and then polished into them. The fact that they do not naturally come in a heart shape doesn’t make them any less powerful. The heart shape is a known symbol of love, devotion, high vibration, and compassion.

Crystal Hearts are wonderful for love crystal grids, energy healing, manifestation, and setting intentions. The heart chakra can become activated and nurtured with heart crystals. The heart shape supports intentions coming from the center of your vitality and spiritual self. Crystal Hearts make beautiful gifts because of the symbol and intention of LOVE that is attached to them:

1.) A Selenite crystal gifts peace, calm, soothing vibrations, and in a heart shape it attaches LOVE to it.

2.) A Rose Quartz crystal gifts love of all kinds--self love, love for others, romantic love, compassion, and in a heart shape it magnifies the LOVE.

3.) A Tiger’s Eye crystal gifts strength, courage, life force, and in a heart shape it carries LOVE as well.

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