Ready to call in a fresh start? Egg-shaped crystals are for new beginnings and transformations! What do you want to call into being this Easter? Read on to find out the symbolism of the egg, as well as the healing powers that come from these beautiful crystal eggs.

Easter is an important celebration in many cultures and has been for centuries. The word for Easter comes from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring and Fertility. For Christians, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the Pagan culture, Easter marks the beginning of spring.

Egg decorating has become very popular through the years in many parts of the world. Gifting eggs is a sign of rebirth. Today many of us decorate eggs and hide them for children to find in Easter Egg hunts. Porcelain eggs have been collected and displayed as a celebration of the season. Did you know that crystal eggs have now become a thing? They are symbolic for new beginnings, fertility, and vitality. They have quite the following, and for good reason. For one, they do not “go bad” with a shelf life. They are gorgeous. And they hold specific healing powers based on what crystal they are made of.

Reasons to celebrate with Crystal Eggs:

Just because. Because they are gorgeous and it is Easter season, time to display crystal eggs around the house! Choose any gem that you find beautiful. Pick several just by what you are innately drawn to and then look up the healing powers of each and receive the blessings that are meant for you!

For Rebirth. Maybe you want something to symbolize a rebirth? A symbol of you breaking old patterns that no longer serve you and bringing in fresh, new habits to enrich your life. A wonderful choice for this would be Rainbow Moonstone. This stone is nicknamed “the Stone of New Beginnings!” This one calms your emotions and gets you primed to embrace and appreciate a fresh start. Moonstone connects you to new cycles and the ebbs and flows of life. Each new moon asks you to set intentions to pave the way for what we want. Some consider Moonstone a wish granting stone, so be open with what you would like to manifest.

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