Crystals can be a form of connection. A symbol of home. A way to tap into our ancestry. Today we have the ability to research our ancestry like never before. A simple DNA test can go back 1,000 years and reveal a variety of places your ancestors may have come from. Why is this information important? Why do our ancestors matter to us? Truth is, acknowledging and exploring our ancestry can trigger things within us that we didn’t know existed. Tapping into your ancestral line may awaken abilities and help you feel a connection to their ancient wisdom. Some positive or negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns can be passed down through family lines. Having an understanding of where these sometimes negative beliefs came from and why they happened can help you clear them out from your energy field. For example, if your ancestors suffered from persecution of some sort, these energies can be passed down. Identifying them and realizing it’s time to clear them from your field can introduce major healing into your life, your children’s lives, and their children’s lives.

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