By Karen Renée Robb

I believe that if every child is taught at an early age that they have an innate, God-given ability to create beauty in this world, our world would be a different place than it is today. The hope for our future resides in this simple, yet incredibly powerful concept.

Feelings of joy come from being present in the moment of experiencing something beautiful. Creations of beauty can be many things: music, singing a song, playing an instrument, art, painting, drawing, dancing, a photograph, poetry, planting a flower or tree, gardening, cooking a meal for someone you love, a simple heartfelt hug, or a genuine smile. Joy comes from experiencing another person’s creation and in the process of creating something of beauty.

Ask an artist what happens when they are in the process of creating. Time seems to stand still. Minutes turn effortlessly to hours while the artist works on their craft. The flow of expression, of being fully in the moment, brings a sense of calm, peace and joy while the creation unfolds. Allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment of creation is an amazing gift for your soul and for the souls of the people who experience your creation.

Joy can come from experiencing nature’s creation—a sunrise, a sunset, a waterfall,  the dark night sky filled with stars, the Grand Canyon. How often do we take the beauty of nature for granted? Beauty is all around us, just waiting to be noticed.

I treasure the times I have been with my husband, Kevin, when he is photographing nature. It amazes me how he can see something so clearly that other people overlook. He can find beauty in the smallest of things (see video below!). He takes time to notice the beauty, to carefully find the perfect angle to capture the essence of it, then inhale, “click,” and the moment is captured. How many beautiful moments he has captured over the years are too numerous to count. And how many moments he has captured without his camera present only his soul can know in its entirety.

Some of the most powerful moments of my life have been while being alone and writing from the depths of my being.

I remember as a child in second grade being given an assignment by one of my favorite teachers to write a poem about beauty. Even at age 7, I had a hard time getting the poem started, but once I wrote the first line the rest seemed to flow effortlessly from a very happy, connected place inside.


Beauty is being loved by your mother

Beauty is the sun

Beauty is a flower

Beauty is a sparkling star

Beauty is the moon

Beauty is the Earth

Beauty is people

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