Happy birthday to our talented chief copyeditor, Kailee Lingelbach! Wrapping up her senior year as a publishing major at Belmont University here in Nashville, we have been so fortunate to have Kailee's eagle eyes proofreading every page of our Spiritual Journals since our very first issue! To celebrate Kailee, we asked her to share about some of the articles we've published that have stood out for her.

I have one of the best jobs here at New Earth Almanac. Since the beginning of NEA, I have gotten the chance to read and edit hundreds of articles before they get published in our spiritual journals and sent out to all of you. Before the articles get decorated in vibrant colors and stunning images, I get to dive deep into the articles as they are—black words in a white word processing document. I get to read these pieces at their most vulnerable, and it's an honor to get inside access into the works of our talented contributors. When trying to choose some of my favorite articles (an almost impossible task), I kept coming back to the pieces that made me feel something—the pieces that made me forget I need to be checking for proper comma usage or the correct form of "its." These pieces are ones that make you lean in, ones that you can't help but absorb every word. They stick with you long after you close the document. It's been a long time since I first read some of these writings, yet I still find myself coming back and reflecting on the messages within them. I hope that if you take the time to read any of these articles today, you will get to experience the emotion and power in them too.

Veronica wrote the following in 1993. The woman in you, the woman in me the woman roaming wild and free. Tasting the wind, sensing the air the power of woman brings you there. She is the sweetness of the sunshine the sensual Spring rain shower. She is jumping in puddles
Will the Real Self-Care Please Stand Up?
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Honoring Grief
“Grief doesn’t let go... until we do.”
Christ Consciousness: God In Motion
This incredibly touching piece quickly became our most commented on and discussed piece of the year. It’s also an example of Geoff’s incredible writing talent. We’re honored to feature his gift for storytelling in the pages of the Almanac. I never found comfort in the church. Original

Thank you so much, Kailee!

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