It's summer in the northern hemisphere ... and hot! Here are a few ways to cool down today that we've covered in New Earth Almanac.

Ishnaan: Cold Shower Yoga
Amidst record-breaking temperatures and heat advisories spiking across the United States and Europe—this summer, everyone’s looking for ways to beat the heat. One method from Kundalini Yoga offers experiencing the benefits of taking a three minute cold shower, a yogic practice that yields what’s kno…
The Many Languages of Snow
Have you ever wondered about the vast differences in the frozen precipitation we call snow? The characteristics of types of snow depend on where in the air it is created and at what temperature. This directly affects the shape and behavior of the falling snowflakes. It is also connected to
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Water As A Divine Healing Element
For Self-Care Sunday today, tend to one of the most vital elements on the planet: Water. Use the following tips excerpted from Veronica’s article in our Spring edition to help you develop your relationship with the waters today. Water. Most of us use it everyday with nary a second thought.
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