Get to know artist, spiritual guide and light language healer, Sheetal Jairth! Based in Vienna, Austria, she creates channeled artwork and provides guided inner child journeys, intuitive painting classes and healing sessions. Here is our recent Q&A with her!

Sheetal, tell us a little about yourself and how NEA crossed your path!

My awakening journey started slowly in 2014 and 2016 was the catalyst after several traumatic events. I realized that I was not being myself and pleasing others instead which led to my 2nd burnout in 2016. 2020 was another impactful year for my journey as I had to dig deeper and heal my inner child and in 2022 things truly started shifting for me. I am an artist, healer and light language channel and I assist people to reconnect to their inner child in order to shift their reality.

I came across NEA almost 2 years ago on Social Media and I was truly inspired by their vision to contribute to the ascension with providing information in their online magazine and also their print magazine.

What excites you about co-creating the New Earth and why is it important to you?

A lot of people are awakening on a very fast pace and are searching for answers in their spiritual journey and this was the biggest impulse for me to guide people as I have gone through some intense challenges myself.

I think that the biggest part of co-creating our own reality is addressing the resistance within us that we have created due to trauma. We then are able to see how powerful we truly are.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have ever received is to let go of the resistance to heal. My life wasn’t shifting, no matter how much healing I had been doing and then one beautiful Soul said to me: “You are resisting. That is why you are not feeling the healing and the energy moving.” And this was a light bulb moment for me. And I can’t even tell you how fast I have shifted and been able to Quantum Leap over and over again. So, if your reality is not shifting, choose consciously to let go of the resistance.

Where or how do you find it easiest to connect with the sacred, with spirit, etc. on a daily basis?

Under the shower or when I am going for a walk. I don’t think you have to meditate to connect to Spirit. It’s different for everyone. I directly ask Spirit when I need an answer. The calmer your mind, the easier it becomes, hence I emphasize to regulate the nervous system.

How are you embracing the current season in a “New Earth” kind of way in your life right now?

I think that 2023 has been quite a ride for a lot of us. Letting go of the resistance of what I am facing and letting go of the past are definitely what I am embracing in this season. Releasing emotions and old stories that are coming up right now because they are only surfacing because I am ready for my highest timeline.

We love that! Thanks so much, Sheetal!

Sheetal Jairth is an artist, spiritual guide and light language healer in Vienna, Austria. She creates different kinds of channeled artwork and provides guided inner child journeys, intuitive painting classes and healing sessions. She also has a podcast called “Heartwired” found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. For more info about Sheetal and her work, visit