Scott Armstrong is podcast host and producer of Rebunked News. He's also one of the newest contributors to NEA! Get to know this talented Oregonian turned Nashvillian in our latest contributor Q&A.

Scott, tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Scott Armstrong. I am a part-time handyman and run my own handyman company. This gives me the autonomy to pursue my real passions, which include writing, playing music and as a Podcast Host/Producer. I am involved in a few projects, but my main show is called Rebunked News, and I Co-Host/Produce The Unjected Show along with the founder of, the world’s first unvaccinated dating website. All of the links to my projects can be found at

How did NEA cross your path and what impression did it leave you with?

I came across NEA when I met one of the founders at a weekly freedom gathering. Soon after, I was meeting the contributor team at the Nashville Farmer's Market. Shared values and enthusiasm go a long way! It felt like a natural fit and it was an honor to write my first article on "Integrity" for NEA's upcoming summer print edition!

What excites you about co-creating the New Earth and why is it important to you?

Community is almost everything to me. We talk a lot about individualism in the freedom movement, but we can't build the New Earth on a foundation of individualism alone. In the lonely years I spent in active addiction, I know full well the shadow side of pursuing freedom. Community is the antidote to many ills and I now spend a lot of time gathering people together. People with shared values and outlooks. We all need to come together and build together! That kind of co-creation is one of the most exciting and rewarding undertakings for sure!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

"You can't hope for a better past, but you can choose the best future." A mentor shared this wisdom with me years ago. It's easy to regret one's past when you have squandered it, but it's also true that such a past is rich with lessons that one can be intensely grateful for. And no matter the mistakes in one's past, we can all move on and create the reality we most want to live in.

Anything you’d like to add?

Thank you, NEA! So grateful for everything you do!

We love co-creating together! Thank you, Scott!