Introducing one of our newest contributors AND our Summer print edition's cover story writer, Onyx Hartwell! Enjoy getting to know the writer and playright behind the poignant piece, "Healing the Hole Within the Whole".

What excites you about co-creating the New Earth and why is it important to you?

I believe the awake among us chose to be here, spiritually cognizant of the horrors that awaited. We made this choice because we yearned to be part of the human community, co-creating an ascension of consciousness on this wonderful place we call Earth. Building the bonds of healthy community with this common goal is the most exciting thing about this adventure for me.

This goal is important to me because it's why I came here. It's made more important by remembering how incredibly lonely I was as a child. In short, I felt the world was INSANE. Full of people choosing to fight when all they wanted was to love and be loved. A world in which I had to go to SCHOOL and be indoctrinated, I mean...

Being part of the NEA community is truly a dream come true.

Please give us a little background on yourself. How did NEA cross your path and what impression did it leave you with?

I moved to Europe in 2009, adamant I was leaving North America behind forever. The fact that I now live in Tennessee could not be more hilarious to me. And from the heart, let me tell you, I am so grateful.

I met one of the co-founders of NEA at a medical freedom meet-up. She graciously offered that I could write an article for the 2023 summer edition of the Almanac. I trusted it was an amazing publication, but I wasn't prepared for just how beautiful the Almanac actually is. They do an AMAZING job.

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What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever received was from my cat Minette. She taught me that when you respect boundaries and personal space, you can enjoy a deeper and truer emotional intimacy.

If you wanted to pet Minette because YOU wanted to... Well, too much of that and she would avoid you.

Because I learned to respect her, I became her favorite person. Oh, the joy, the joy! Each and every time she climbed on my lap and started purring, it was precious to my heart.

What a teacher! Thanks so much, Onyx!

Onyx Hartwell is a writer, playwright, comedy improviser, house whisperer, life coach, hypnotherapist … a seeker seeking. A theme in all her work is the addiction to victimhood and the journey to self-responsibility. Onyx is also a conciliatory contrarian. Yes, that is as hard to be as it sounds. Onyx lives in the southern climes of Tennessee. Let Freedom Ring. Find her at and

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