Enjoy this Q&A with Nashville-based writer Nancy Marnett! Her books include the children’s story, See What You Can Be and a creative, travel-inspired adventure for the golf fanatic, Through a Golf Ball’s Eye, a Memoir by Beau Bridgestone. She has also enjoyed a career of homemaking, volunteer work, and traveling with her family.

Nancy, please give us a little background on yourself, as well as your connection and contributions to New Earth Almanac!

My husband and I just celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary. We have two adult children who are happily married and live in Nashville, which allows me to see them often but we all manage to maintain loving boundaries on each other’s time and energy. That said, Kirem Marnett, our daughter-in-law and co-founder/editorial director has introduced me to not only NEA, but acupuncture, meditation, spiritual awareness and most importantly, the value of striving to live a spiritual life. NEA continues to provide insight and inspiration to do just that, one writing at a time.

The articles I have contributed to NEA were insights I have learned from my life, so far. I like that NEA offers a mix of perspectives that share from both experience and expertise. I enjoy reading NEA to learn about different methods of reflection and intentions in order to be in a thoughtful state. Understanding and awareness of all things Lunar, has been not only academic, but fascinating and informative. I actually pay close attention now to the moon phases! Diving into my own Soul Sign has been my comfort and guide for the last few years. Now, learning about other’s Soul Signs gives credence to some actions of those admired and not so admired, famous folks!!!

Helping me understand and navigate the why, how, when and what of life in the past, present and future is why I read the NEA daily. The hard copies of the NEA are not only beautifully published, they are a conversation tool, a relievable source if I have a perplexed day, and sprinkled with humor to just make me laugh. (Her son, Alan Marnett also contributes to New Earth Almanac.)

What are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful to God for my fulfilled life. I was a child in a home filled with spiritual love and guidance. I was taught how to love and be loved. I was safe. As an adult, I have been fortunate to continue to travel the road filled with blessings. I do not believe that having a blessed life is without any challenges and set-backs, hurdles to jump or tough decisions to make. To me, it is a life of constant learning, hearing and heeding to spiritual messages. It is finding that place in a hectic day where and when one can hear their own heart, mind and spirit guide them to move forward. The New Earth Almanac has helped me continue my journey.

What are some of your favorite pieces that have helped you along the way?

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*Note to readers/viewers: In her ever-evolving intuitive practice, Kirem has updated the name of her work from Soul Animals to Soul Signs, which more accurately reflects the breadth of the channeled images and energies she receives. You can still find all of her Soul Animal Wisdom articles and recor…

Thanks so much, Nancy!