It's Almanac co-founder Kirem's birthday today! To celebrate, we've asked her to complete a contributor Q&A to learn a bit more about her and her role at NEA. Enjoy getting to know our fearless editor-in-chief, dedicated to raising the New Earth consciousness and bringing you the Almanac each issue and every day. Happy Birthday, Kirem!

What have you enjoyed observing about the process of "passing the talking stick" at NEA?

I love being at the center of the editorial process--like an octopus with her supportive arms radiating out, reaching into all kinds of worlds and realms, and lifting up the stories and perspectives that our writers have to share and talk about. Our words are truly a superpower. It's a privelege to work with others on their own words every day. I honor each piece of writing like it is a transmission, and it is our job to polish it up so it may shine its very brightest. Editing is not something I thought I would be doing! But I have found a love for it as well as an intuitive "gear" that clicks in automatically, and now the role feels like an extension of my own healing work. I like to say that when the Universe asked me to put my acupuncture needles down, I picked up the pen instead and haven't looked back. It is a cause deep to my heart that we learn to follow the wisdom of our ancestors and honor the healers in our communities--I feel we have found a way to do that at New Earth Almanac and not only is it a joy to do, but it is uplifting for writer and reader, too. It's a beautiful and beneficial exchange blessing all involved.

Something I reflected on recently, is that for every Spiritual Journal we've published, we've welcomed new writers into each and every issue. Since the first Almanac appeared in 2021, we've had the opportunity to work with more than 60 individual writers and have published more than 1000 articles and stories.

What's your favorite thing you like to hear from contributors after they see their work published?

Since most of the time we work with those who are not professional writers (because they are professional healers, artists, etc. instead!) some are seeing their words published for the first time. My favorite compliment of all time from contributors is, "I wrote that?" And I am surprised at how often I hear it actually! I believe the reaction is the synthesis of not only the power and beauty of their own words, but the way it is reflected back to them--through imagery, layout design and then ultimately placement and flow within our publications--that shows them a dimension of their work, a reflection of themselves that we all get to see, but they may have never seen before. It's magic! And I love that every single one of us carries magic--reflecting it back to each other just creates even more magic, and is how we shine the Light brighter in an effortless, joyous way.

You mentioned an Octopus above, that feels like a very accurate symbol representing the many responsibilities you have! How do you get it all done?

While it has come with sacrifice, hard work and necessary spiritual growth, I have been blessed to have a diverse background, personally and professionally, that challenged me to learn many different ropes as I climbed them. At the top, I often saw a similar view. If we're going to show up (and climb), why not show up impeccably? Impeccability has been my code. If I don't feel called to infuse impeccability in my work, then I know the passion has gone out of it. I feel that is a code anyone can adopt--and to me it is more about attention to detail and doing your very best work. For me impeccability maintains your sharpness, and therefore impact, in what you choose to put your time, effort and energy into. It also makes whatever you're creating with your "work" into a thing of beauty. Impeccability inherently requires organization, responsibility, dedication and care. When I am committed to those things (and keeping on top of my schedule!), I can do my part--and I let God handle the rest.

Any birthday wisdom you'd like to add?

My birthday wish is to pause for a moment of gratitude for where we've been and what we've accomplished so far. Earth school is not easy! Age is just a number but turning 45 years old today, I've realized where I am in my life and all the things that had to happen to get me here. I never thought my career path would change as many times as it has for example, but I recognize all of those changes were to get me to where I am now; and that the twists and turns were all part of giving me a very unique skill set! It was definitely not easy to start over and adapt to learning new things. But it's not often you can find a creative, psychic intuitve with a corporate "upbringing", who understands both sides of media--writing, reporting, editing, marketing and PR--with a graduate degree in an ancient healing art and experience running a modern business, now two!--for the past 10 years. What's beautiful is I can now offer expertise from a place where all of these intersect to the healing community I'm passionate about so we can co-create the New Earth together! I love living a life of service and am grateful for the support that continues to show up daily to keep me, and us, the Almanac going. Thank you all for reading and for sharing your writing and creations with us--I truly believe we're embarking on a very sweet ascent!

Thank you so much, Kirem!

The deadline to be included in the Summer Spiritual Journal is April 15. Send content to [email protected] and visit our Become a Contributor page for more info.