When asked to share a bit about myself for the NEA I took a long pause and thought what do I really want to tell you about me?

I am a Nashville, TN native and a 51 year-old woman who feels like her life is just beginning. I am a mother to two incredible souls Ava and Christian, and fur mom to two dreamy pups Audrey and Pugsley. I spent over 20 years in the interior design world, but discovered my deepest passion and calling 11 years ago when I finally realized I was a psychic and medium. I had already embarked on a greater spiritual awakening at age 22, but it took me many, many years to fully understand why I was here. I will simply say I always had a “knowing” I was meant to help people heal, grow, evolve, and expand. That is what I am finally doing now in my career as a psychic-medium and intuitive coach. I had an amazing relationship with the creators of NEA prior to its inception via the realm of my healing work and path. When asked to become a contributor it was a no brainier. I was beyond honored and thrilled to have a larger platform for sharing my experiences with intuitive work and my own personal path for healing myself mind-body-spirit.

I believe when we do things in community we raise the global or collective vibration that much higher. I always say, "your success is my success" and "the light in you is the light in me". Being a contributor for the NEA defines this statement to me. I feel such incredible love and expansion by being in a community of souls committed to sharing their experiences. Offering their time, practices, devotions, beliefs, and ultimately their deep love for the greater good in this world. It has been so incredible to create my own dream career path and calling while in tandem, creating articles for the NEA. It has allowed me a supportive sacred container to document tools and practices that have changed my life and my clients' lives, while equally learning so much more from all the other contributors' experiences and stories. This defines the New Earth frequency and mission to me so strongly. It is such a gift.

The NEA was created to be a daily devotional to connect with your higher self. That is how it feels to me and this looks different for so many people. But when you take time each day to sit in quiet contemplation, read a passage that inspires you--that directs and guides your thoughts, that invites you to write, meditate, or create a new practice in that moment that moves your energy; this is the offering we all have access to by being a part of this community and experience.

I am beyond thankful to be a contributor and subscriber to NEA. Come experience the magic of co-creating and raising the vibration with us!

Jessica Johnson is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach, Sacred Space Creator and Manifesting Mentor who believes “Everything is Energy.” If you have questions or are seeking guidance around the topic of developing your own intuition, she loves being a resource to guide to the New Earth tribe. Find her on Instagram @jess_m_johnson, visit jjintuitive.com, or contact her via email at [email protected].