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Enjoy this Q&A catching up with long-time Almanac contributor, Eileen Bray! Eileen is an Irish singer, textile artist, voice actor and creator of Celtic Kirtan. She is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Infinite Possibilities trainer and a Celtic Shamanic practitioner in training. Find her online at eileenbray.com, facebook.com/CelticKirtan, and on Instagram @mysticalceltvox.

Eileen, please give us a little background on yourself!

I am originally from Ireland and came to the USA 33 years ago. I spent 17 years in NY where I worked as a designer for a conscious, philanthropic clothing designer named Eileen Fisher. I moved to Nashville with my family in 2006. I have two grown children Shannon 23 and Skyler 20. My interest in spirituality deepened almost 30 years ago when I started to study metaphysics. In later years I immersed myself deeply into Kundalini Yoga and Celtic Shamanism. I am currently in the middle of my Celtic Shamanic Practitioner training. I am also a singer, voice-over artist and Kundalini Yoga teacher. It was through Kundalini Yoga about 10 years ago, that I got introduced to mantra and sacred chant and that changed the trajectory of my musical meanderings completely! I immediately felt the connection between these ancient sacred languages and my own mother tongue Gaelic. I then created my own brand of Kirtan (an immersive sacred chant experience) named Celtic Kirtan which is rooted in the Irish language. I now split my time between Ireland and the USA and am honored to share Celtic Kirtan in both countries.

What are some benefits you think people might not know they will receive from being a part of New Earth Almanac--as a subscriber, contributor, etc.?

The NEA immediately resonated as the most heart-centred platform where those of us of like mind can come together to share our hearts and our work for the betterment of the world and its beings. At this pivotal time of transition into the New Earth, the NEA has been astonishingly nourishing both visually and through the professional high-quality content that it publishes. I am honored to be included as a contributor and I am so grateful to Kirem and Marci for the support of Celtic Kirtan as I brought it into the world in 2021. NEA cohosted our three live gatherings earlier this year in Nashville and we will continue to collaborate in March 2023.

So many of us at this time are being called forth to share our medicine and wisdom. NEA offers us a place to call home, either as a contributor to the publication, an event cohost or attendee, or a podcast participant. Most importantly there is a sense of home and belonging. There is a deep sense of community and support for each other. One may attend an event or gathering and find that they have something to offer in this sacred space and wind up being a contributor! We all have an individual voice and a presence which is seeking to be heard and seen in a safe and supportive environment. The NEA publication and community provides this for us. At this time in the aftermath of social separation, the NEA publication and community provides that beautiful, nourishing sense of homecoming.

What are you most thankful for?    

Life itself in this mortal body and the lessons and blessings disguised as hurdles, challenges and crossroads.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?    

Take incessant baby steps towards your dreams. You will get there! All is being worked out on the back end without your awareness. Don't lose sight of the end goal. The Magick lies in the "invisible". Expect a Miracle!

Where or how do you find it easiest to connect with the sacred on a daily basis?

I find deep peace and connection with Spirit when I'm immersed in nature's sanctuary and in my music and singing.

Thank you so much, Eileen!

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