Get to know Ashley Gandiza, a Lightworker, artist and entrepreneur living in western North Carolina. She offers Light Language-infused jewelry, positive affirmation cards, and energy healing sessions through her business, Infinite Self Love. Her mission is to spread love and light and to help others cultivate more self-love in order to be the fullest expressions of ourselves. You can find her business on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Ashley, tell us a little about yourself and how New Earth Almanac crossed your path!

My name is Ashley Gandiza. I am an artist, energy healer, and entrepreneur living in western North Carolina. I first came across the New Earth Almanac when I visited Nashville in the Fall of 2022 to exhibit at the Illuminate Festival as a vendor with my business Infinite Self Love. I was offering jewelry and also light language energy healing sessions and I met Kirem. She signed up to receive an energy healing session with me and had such great energy--it felt like I was supposed to meet her and do a session with her. It wasn’t until afterwards that she shared with me that she is one of the co-founders of the New Earth Almanac and invited me to check it out. I was blown away that this sort of magazine existed! I really like that the journal is co-created by contributors because so many people have interesting stories and experiences to share. It’s nice to be able to learn from others, but also to teach others too.

Tell us a little about your experience in the Contributor Circle so far. We also understand you've become an Almanac Reseller as well?

I’ve contributed one article that’s been published in the Daily Devotional as well as the Winter 2022 issue and another that is in the editing process for the upcoming Summer edition. For my first piece, I was really excited to be able to contribute because I got to share about light language which I feel is a healing modality that not a lot of people talk about. It’s a very healing process for me to write about my experience with it because it’s a part of my journey to share my voice with other people. Since contributing, I’ve become more comfortable talking about light language and sharing about my work because I feel like I have something valuable to share with others.

I've also just started as an NEA Reseller with the current Spring issue. I carry copies of it at various festivals and fairs in North Carolina at my Infinite Self Love booth. My next event is the Uncommon Market on Sunday, May 21 in Asheville. I enjoy sharing the magazine itself and telling people about New Earth Almanac--and I hope they check it out further on their own!

Where or how do you find it easiest to connect with Spirit on a daily basis?

I find it easiest to connect with spirit and the divine universe when I am out in nature because it reminds me that there’s so much more than my inner world and there’s so much beauty to see and experience. It’s helpful for me because I can I can get wrapped up in my own thoughts and stuck in my own head so being in nature helps me to remember that there’s a whole living world outside of my body but that I am also a part of it. I’m lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place in western North Carolina and I get to see trees and mountains and running water on a daily basis.

Ah sounds so lovely, thank you Ashley!

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